Sites we like: Indiebikes, Upperdog, and Sumit Paul

Summertime bikes, a Swedish agency, and a designer you should hire in this week’s sites we like.

Indiebikes’ fab tagline “We like it fixed” is wonderfully complemented by Museo Slab and a bright, primary color palette. I’m smitten with the dark backgrounds behind the text, and the slight angles to the header and footer. Museo Slab’s language support means the fonts look great on both the English and German versions of the site.

Upperdog is a Swedish design agency offering strategy, design, and development. Kulturista’s wide, open design contrasts nicely with FF Dagny’s more condensed shapes. Resize your browser window to see the responsive design in action.

And last but not least, Sumit Paul is looking for work with the help of FF Meta and FF Meta Serif. You can’t go wrong with that classic combination, and and the smart grid and sharp use of color neatly demonstrate his design chops. Hire him!

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments!

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  1. ktrueman says:

    We are using Typekit at, the micro-site for our online hiring solution. I am working on getting it deployed to our main web site (


  2. I like Indiebikes. The design is great. The colors are attractive. I love it.

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