New fonts from Chank Co. and The League of Moveable Type, plus hinted versions of Deva Ideal and Gesta

Today we have not one, but two hinted versions of popular Typekit fonts, Deva Ideal and Gesta, plus more than a dozen new additions from foundry partners we all know and love — Chank Co. and The League of Moveable Type.

Deva Ideal Book at 16px & 14px. Left, on Mac OS X. Right, on Win 7 (GDI ClearType).

A soft sans, Deva Ideal from Dizajn Design exhibits flexibility and balance. Its understated caps and occasionally transitive stroke endings give it a conversational tone. Long a part of Typekit’s library, it has just been TrueType hinted for better Windows rendering. Please thank Ján Filípek for his hard work! Republish your kit to receive the latest version of Deva Ideal.

Gesta Regular at 13px & 12px. Left, on Mac OS X. Right, on Win 7 (GDI ClearType).

Gesta, from RType, has also been TrueType hinted for better Windows rendering. In addition, its vertical metrics have been improved and its optical size has increased to better match fallback fonts and other web fonts. If you’re already using Gesta, just republish your kit to receive this latest version. You may also wish to adjust your site’s CSS to account for the subtle size shift. Please give Rui Abreu a hand for these fantastic improvements!

From top to bottom: Coronette, Dry Cowboy, Drunk Cowboy, Quimby Gubernatorial, Quimby Mayoral, Sunflower, Sunshine, and Liquorstore 3D.

Give your headlines some Chanktastic funk with any of eleven new fonts. Check out Coronette, Drunk Cowboy, Dry Cowboy, Quimby Mayoral, Quimby Gubernatorial, Sunflower, and Sunshine, and don’t miss additions to existing Chank families on Typekit — Liquorstore italic, Liquorstore Jazz, Liquorstore 3D, and Adrianna Condensed.

From top to bottom: Ostrich Rounded, Ostrich Bold, and League Script No. 1.

And finally, we have updated our selection of fonts from The League of Moveable Type to include League Script No. 1, Fanwood, Linden Hill, Prociono, and Ostrich Sans — which comes in dashed and rounded styles, and has a double-line bold weight. Browse The League’s growing selection of open-source fonts, and use any of them on Typekit (even with our free plan).

Update: Ostrich Sans is no longer available in the Typekit library.

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