Sites we like: Brand New Conference, MCQ, and The Brander

Attend a conference, admire a portfolio, and learn about brands in this week’s sites we like.

Screenshot of the Brand New conference

From UnderConsideration, the Brand New Conference will take place this September in San Francisco. The beautiful site pairs brush lettering with Proxima Nova Alt and Arvo. Read more about the conference identity here.

Screenshot of Mike McQuade portfolio site

Mike McQuade is a Chicago designer and illustrator. A delightfully monochromatic color palette is livened by splashes of orange along with Jos Buivenga’s Museo Slab. Headings in Raleway provide thin, graceful lines, in contrast to Museo Slab’s heavy serifs.

Screenshot of The Brander

The Brander provides a steady flow of stories about brands and their creators. Minion lends an upright, sophisticated look, a nice complement to the sharp photography.

Stay tuned for more sites we like next week!