New and updated fonts from Just Another Foundry and Insigne Design

We have a handful of new and updated fonts to announce today: two new typefaces from Just Another Foundry, as well as two new typefaces from Insigne Design and two updates (vertical metrics and rendering improvements) to existing Insigne faces.

Herb Regular

Herb is a new kind of blackletter, described by Tim Ahrens of Just Another Foundry as, “a typeface that has the positive properties of blackletter but does not evoke the same negative connotations – a type that has the complex, humane character of fraktur without looking conservative, aggressive or intolerant.” Herb also comes in a condensed version.

Peacock Deep
Peacock Deep

JAF’s Peacock, a flexible display face with extensive OpenType features, is available as six separate fonts: Peacock, Peacock Alternate, Peacock Deep, Peacock Loop, Peacock Short, and Peacock Swash. Mix, match, and make the most of this melt-in-your-mouth marvel.

Eigerdals Light
Eigerdals Light

Insigne Design’s Eigerdals is, as designer Jeremy Dooley puts it, “a soft and amiable face, perfect for when you want to convey a relaxed and pleasant feeling.” Try this rounded sans for headlines and mood-setting copy.

Aviano Future
Aviano Future Black Italic

Headlines set in Insigne’s Aviano Future, “a vigorous and futuristic sans serif,” can set a strong tone for themed experiences. Its sharp corners, mechanical angles, and speedy bends suggest speed, automation, and authority.

And finally, the popular Le Havre and Sommet Slab have received vertical metrics updates and rendering improvements. Republish your kits to receive the latest files.

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