Even easier mobile web fonts with Typekit and Mobify

Typekit is excited to announce a partnership with Mobify which will allow designers to unify their desktop and mobile experiences. One of our first joint customers is Wired, who has used the new integration to revamp their mobile presence.

Screenshots of Wired mobile

With Mobify and Typekit, it’s easy to serve fonts to iOS and Android users. Wired makes use of Tandelle, a condensed font whose efficiency makes it ideal for the tight space of a mobile device. Additionally, Tandelle’s quirky style is the perfect fit for Wired’s smart, savvy content.

Tandelle is starting to show its face on desktop Wired as well, with a first appearance on the science blogs, and more coming soon.

Screenshot of the redesign science blogs on Wired

Stay tuned as Wired expands the use of Typekit to other sections of the site, and more sites take advantage of our integration with Mobify. To learn how to use Typekit with Mobify, see Mobify’s instructions.

Update: As a reminder, Typekit supports iOS and Android devices natively. Our integration with Mobify makes supporting Typekit on mobile devices even easier for joint customers.

4 Responses

  1. Anders says:

    I can’t understand why isn’t Wired using the real H&FJ fonts they use in their magazine and the iPad editions?

  2. Anders says:

    But Wired can use them on the iPad, so why not here? They would be a better visual solution, since they are designed specially for the magazine! Why has Typekit chosen to sell them a cheap copy instead?

    1. Tim Brown says:

      Anders, font licensing for iPad apps is of a different legal nature than web font licensing, and H&FJ typefaces are not currently available for use as web fonts. When H&FJ typefaces do become available, we hope to be able to offer clients like Wired the ability to host them via Typekit.

      Meanwhile, Ray Larabie’s Tandelle is not a “cheap copy.” It’s just a different typeface, and it suits Wired nicely in these contexts.

      Plus, if Wired ever decides to switch from Tandelle to another typeface, all it will take is a simple republish of their kit.

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