Sites we like: Delta Embark, Ecomagination, Creative Journal

Three newly launched designs make for this week’s Sites we like.

Screenshot of Delta Embark

Delta Embark is a travel guide for Google Chrome users and features Museo Sans. The thin, italic headlines make for a breezy, spirited design, perfect for planning your winter getaway.

Screenshot of Ecomagination

Ecomagination represents “GE’s commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges while driving economic growth.” The site prominently features GE’s corporate font, GE Inspira, whose friendly, open shapes communicate accessibility and transparency. Moreover, Typekit’s support for custom fonts allows them to unify their branding both online and off.

Screenshot of Creative Journal

Creative Journal features creative inspiration across graphic design, architecture, art, and photography. Text in Chaparral feels refined but informal, and pairs nicely with the sparse design and ample whitespace.

Noticed other sites using Typekit? Share them in the comments!

One Response

  1. Kenneth Trueman says:

    I think we are definitely on our way to a more beautiful web. The GE is quite nice, and as you rightly point out, allows them to use a similar presentation in print and on the web. We can go beyond headlines set in images, to using rich typefaces in body copy as well. Yum !

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