Sites we like: Interhoods, Postbox, Hicksdesign

The streets may fill with ghouls and ghosts this weekend, but these sites won’t scare you away.

Screenshot of Interhoods

Interhoods shows off its neighborhood pride with League Gothic, from The League of Movable Type. League Gothic’s muscular shape communicates a sense of patriotism, while the mix of thick and thin rules makes the site sporty and fun.

Screenshot of Postbox

Postbox ensures that your inbox won’t be the most frightening locale come All Hallows Eve, with a friendly display of Proxima Nova from Mark Simonson. Proxima Nova’s open, round shape makes the site accessible and inviting, while the mix of sizes and colors create a lovely page hierarchy. The subtle text-shadow on the headline text is a nice touch.

Screenshot of Hicksdesign

Finally, Hicksdesign demonstrates a great pairing of P22 Underground with FF Tisa. Uppercase headings in P22 Underground are set with generous letter-spacing, for a strong, yet approachable presentation. Be sure to resize the window and take note of the fluid grid in action.

Noticed any great sites using Typekit? Share them with us in the comments.

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  1. Tyler says:

    I love your posts, but could you please categorize them? Allow people to subscribe to RSS feeds of each?

  2. +1 request for categorizing or tagging your Sites We Like series.

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