Sites we like: Design made in Germany, Jax Vineyards, and Panic Blog

A few sites that caught our eye this week:

Design Made in Germany screenshot

Design made in Germany combines FF DIN Round with whimsical (and slightly spooky) animal illustrations and a beautiful, cool gray palette. The hanging numbers in the table of contents are especially well done. Scroll down for some clever background layering.

Screenshot of Jax Vineyards

FF DIN reappears on the site for Jax Vineyards, this time paired with FF Tisa, along with some lovely photography. In this case, FF DIN takes a back seat (and shows off just how nice it looks at small sizes), while FF Tisa steps up and expertly reflects the playfulness in the headline copy. Note the use of FF DIN in tiny, light gray, uppercase headings for the specifications; the size and spacing are perfect.

Panic Blog screenshot

Meanwhile, Panic Blog combines two seemingly incompatible fonts—GoodDog New and John Doe—in a kitschy take on an index card. A subtle rotation via CSS3 completes the trompe l’oeil. A great example of how novelty fonts can be used successfully when the context is right.

That’s all for this week; more to come next week! Share sites that you like in the comments.

5 Responses

  1. Dragos says:


    I can’t find DIN through TypeKit fonts although I see that they use TypeKit services.

    Where can I find it?


    1. Mandy Brown says:

      You can buy FF DIN from FontShop and use Typekit to serve it to your website:

  2. Dragos, I did what Mandy suggested a while ago, somewhat ‘expensive’ solution considering you might have already purchased regular versions of DIN, as well as a typekit account, but I can say from experience it’s worth it :). Also, doesn’t Fontshop now give a reduced rate for webversions of fonts when purchasing regular versions?

  3. User says:

    Guys! Any new fonts coming? A Xmas typo-gift maybe? In particular Vista Sans, Netto Bold and Emigre’s Vendetta (among others) would be nice.

  4. Nicholas says:

    Thanks, TypeKit! The photography for Jax is by Patricia Heal, I should add.

    Something about Tisa’s x-height and squareness made it an irresistible pairing for DIN.

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