Typekit adds Chrome 6 WOFF support

The web moves quickly. Chrome 6 was released at the beginning of September, a mere three and half months after Chrome 5. While it comes with the usual set of new features, it’s also the first version of the browser to support the WOFF standard. Today, we’ve upgraded Typekit to take advantage of that; any kit published from this point forward will include support for WOFF in Chrome 6 and up.

While there aren’t any visible changes, you can smile knowing that your site is as standards compliant as possible; and better yet, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to keep up with browser support so that you don’t have to.

2 Responses

  1. PJ Doland says:

    So this means we should republish all of our kits, correct?

  2. sholto says:

    You know you want to answer that question!

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