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One of the easiest ways to blog is now one of the easiest ways to use fonts. We’ve been working with the team over at Posterous to offer Typekit integration, and we’ve just rolled it out. Starting today, you can use any Typekit account with your Posterous blog along with all their other powerful customization options.

Setup is simple: Just log into Posterous and click “Theme my site” on the dashboard. You’ll find a Typekit tab “Advanced” settings. Connect your Typekit account and you’re all set. You can choose from any of our thousands of fonts to make your blog stand out. Posterous has been adding more and more themes lately as well. Paired with our font choices, designing your blog is easy, powerful, and a little addictive.

Let us know if you’ve added Typekit to your Posterous blog. We’re looking for some great examples to add to our design gallery.

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  1. Karl says:

    Awesome news! I should get around to using my Posterous more often now!

  2. Its like you’re dummy-proofing the web! Nice work. Hope there’s more integration and support for developers and code savvy designers coming down the pipe soon as well! Not that there’s anything wrong with Posterous, but everything has its place and everyone has their tastes!

    1. Jeffrey Veen says:

      Yes, our goal is both easy AND powerful control over typography on the web. Did you see the Javascript font events we open sourced recently?

  3. Sas0 says:

    Hi! Call me stupid, but I just cant figure out what selector should I input in typekit Editor to change my Posterous POST font. Please please help! Thanks!

  4. John says:

    I can’t figure it out, I activated it, added a font to my kit, but it’s not changing on my Posterous blog.

    1. Radha says:

      I’m having the exact same problem. My blog has the TypeKit logo on the bottom right with my selected fonts, but nothing has been affected on my blog.

  5. robnilas says:

    @John and @radha I was running with the same problem until I added “h1 {
    font-family: league-gothic-1,league-gothic-2,sans-serif;
    }” to my code in my blog… I hope help you….

  6. electricink says:

    Official Posterous blog has a step to step guide:

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