Typekit now supports fonts on the iPhone

Udpate 23 Jun 2010: Apple improves webfont support in iOS4

In our never-ending quest to provide fonts for all platforms and devices, we’ve rolled out support for Typekit fonts on the iPhone. This means you can now use @font-face across all supporting desktop browsers, as well as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

To start using fonts on these devices, open up the Kit Editor and choose Experimental Features in the kit settings. We’ve launched this as an optional setting like we did for the iPad due to the somewhat buggy behavior in Mobile Safari. Also, note that the fonts only work on iPhone OS 3.1 or higher. We’ve written up our notes on what works and doesn’t in a previous post, so be sure to read up about the implications of using these features and test carefully with your website.

We’re rapidly expanding our mobile support as we learn more about what works and doesn’t in a wide variety of devices. We’ll keep updating you here and on our Twitter feed as we launch more devices. It’s still very much the Wild West out there with @font-face, but look on the bright side: Your Typekit-enabled website will always represent the best practices and latest support for fonts on the web. We’ll keep sweating the details so you don’t have to.

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  1. Luke Dorny says:

    This is most wonderful. A welcome feature!!!
    Great work everyone!

  2. Mike says:

    I tried out the iPad suppor the other day on a site I’m working on and it worked perfectly. I’m glad you guys are doing such a great job of keeping things up-to-date!

  3. David Kaneda says:

    Great news! I was afraid this wouldn’t be feasible, but glad you guys figured it out-

  4. Josh Hemsath says:

    But how did you manage this?

  5. Nothing short of magical.

  6. Abaloo says:

    Awesome! This is great news, great work. Thank you.

  7. This is so great.

    And it’s working like a charm, no MobileSafari crashes (just some little issues with text selection).

    Thank you very much for this!

  8. Thanks Typekit!

    Unfortunately I haven’t had good luck with it on the sites of my own where I’ve tried it out, but it’s a step in the right direction!



  9. Sorry – I just read more of your notes and understand why I’m having trouble. Will have to play with it more. I use multiple weights of a couple of fonts so sorting out how to get that down to one effectively to try it out will be a challenge for another time.

    Thanks though – really looking forward to updates to Mobile Safari so we can make better use of fonts there too!


  10. Gewinne says:

    i’m so happy that i saw this site. that topic was so insightful. thanks again i saved this site.
    are you planning to write similar articles?

  11. dbootle says:

    Enabling iphone support on my site crashes my Mobile Safari 🙁

  12. Jason Pamental says:


    in some of the other posts I learned that for it to work you should try only enabling one weight of each font and you should have better luck.

    Hope that helps!


  13. dbootle says:

    Jason –

    Many thanks… it’s working now. Shame you can’t mix weights but I expect they’ll fix that at some point.


    1. David,

      I had the chance to talk to Jeff Veen about it last week at An Event Apart and it sounds like with the next version of the iPhone OS due this summer that we might see some interesting progress on this one!

      Glad it’s working for you now-



  14. Graham Davis says:

    The big question!

    Does Typekit work in epubs on iPad?

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      Sorry, no. Apple doesn’t permit additional fonts in iBooks (yet, anyway).

  15. dbootle says:

    It really is a bit of a shame that using more than one weight of a font currently crashes ipad/iphone… If this problem cannot be resolved would it not be possible to publish each weight as an individual font?

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      This has been fixed in iOS4, which is now available on the iPhone and is due to be available on the iPad soon. More here: http://blog.typekit.com/2010/06/23/improvements-to-iphone-font-support-in-ios4/

  16. grahamdavis says:

    But still no support for ePub on iPad?

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