Useful Details About Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Fonts

What’s up with fonts for CS5? The font set shipping with CS5 closely resembles the CS4 set with the following exceptions: The following families have been added to the CS5 font set:

  • Adobe Arabic (4 fonts)
  • Adobe Hebrew (4 fonts)
  • Adobe Fan Heiti Std (1 font, “Bold” weight)
  • Adobe Gothic Std (1 font, “Bold” weight)
  • Ryo Display PlusN (5 fonts)
  • Kozuka Gothic Pr6N (6 fonts)
  • Kozuka Mincho Pr6N (6 fonts)

Note: Adobe Fan Heiti Std is a Traditional Chinese font and Adobe Gothic Std is a Korean font. The Pr6N versions of Kozuka Gothic and Kozuka Mincho support the entire Adobe-Japan1-6 glyph set, are IVS-enabled, and are JIS2004-savvy. The following 3 fonts, which were part of the CS4 font set, are not included in the CS5 set:

  • Bell Gothic Std Black
  • Bell Gothic Std Bold
  • Eccentric Std

Another change in CS5 is that some products will install a fairly basic font set while other products will install this set and an additional font set which the the user can choose not to install. And, some products will install both of these font sets plus additional product-specific sets.

  • To see what fonts are installed by the basic font set, click here.
  • To see what additional fonts will be installed by the supplemental set, click here.
  • To see a breakdown of what font set(s) each product will install, click here.
  • To see a breakdown of what font set(s) each product will include on the product DVD, click here.

CS5 products offer a complimentary benefit to customers who complete and submit their profile information. This benefit depends upon the language of the product and the customer’s region, and not all regions have an option to receive these benefits. Most of the regions that do offer this benefit include a font as one of the options from which a customer can choose. However, the font option given to the customer varies by language of the CS5 product that is purchased and the customer’s region. Customers will either be given the choice of Adobe Text or Kazuraki.Adobe Text is a new and versatile text typeface family designed by Robert Slimbach for Western (Latin, Greek, Cyrillic) typesetting. Its workhorse qualities make it perfect for a wide variety of applications – especially for longer passages of text where legibility and economy are important. Adobe Text can be classified as a Transitional design (between calligraphic Rennaisance and high-contrast Modern styles), with distinctive, contemporary touches. We’ll be doing another blog post in the coming weeks to talk more about the design of Adobe Text, but in the meantime, here is a sample which shows the typeface design.

AdobeText.pngKazuraki is a new single-face family designed by Adobe’s own Ryoko Nishizuka, a Senior Type Designer. Kazuraki is a highly-specialized calligraphic Japanese typeface design that includes glyphs for the entire set of kana, along with those for more than 1,000 kanji. The font is fully-proportional, includes fifty vertical-use hiragana ligatures, provides horizontal and vertical kerning pairs, and takes advantage of the special-purpose Adobe-Identity-0 glyph set. (Most of these attributes are unusual for typical Japanese fonts.) Kazuraki is intended to be used for typesetting greeting cards, menus, and other brief or specialized materials. It might help to think of it as roughly equivalent to Bickham Script, but for Japanese. To see a sample of Kazuraki, check out the Typblography article posted on January 2nd, 2010 by Dr. Ken Lunde.

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  1. Roger Wilson says:

    Is there a way to prevent the Adobe installer from installing these fonts to the system location? We use a font manager (Suitcase) and I’d rather have the fonts installed to the font manage[You cannot change the install location for the fonts. The Creative Suite 5 installer installs fonts into a default system font directory. For more information you refer to – Nicole Minoza]

  2. John Hoffman says:

    Nicole:The Readme for Creative Suite 5 Font Installer indicates that CS5 will replace old CS4 fonts with new versions of the same fonts. Many of the Adobe Originals serif fonts (e.g., Adobe Garamond, Garamond Premier, Minion) have small fonts duplicated in the PUA, while others (e.g., Adobe Caslon and Arno) do not. A while back, Miguel indicated that new Adobe fonts will not have the samll caps in the PUA. With the new CS5 fonts, has Adobe removed the small caps from the PUA in fonts where small caps were previously contained in the PUA?The question is of some importance to me in that Word 2010 supports some OpenType features, such as OSF and ligatures, but NOT small caps. Thus, the only way to access small caps in Word 2010 is through the Symbols panel (equivalent to InDesign’s Glyphs panel) and then only if the small caps glyphs are Unicode-encoded. Thus, I’ll have to go back to my CS3, CS4 fonts that have small caps in the PUA if the CS5 versions do not have them.Thanks for any information you can provide.John HoffmanPS: None of the MS fonts that have small caps (mostly the “C” fonts, such as Constantia) have the small caps duplicated in the PUA. Maybe Adobe could start marketing some of its fonts that are suitable for business correspondence to Word users if it also provided small caps fonts along with the regular OT version, at least until Word starts supporting true small caps properly.[John – The updated fonts installed by CS5 still have the small caps in the PUA. To prevent an legacy issues, we did not make any changes to the fonts other than bug fixes. However, as pointed out by Miguel in a post last month, Arno Pro, and other more recent Adobe font releases do not use PUA encodings. As he explained, we currently believe that assigning PUA codepoints to small cap (and other alternate) glyphs is not a good practice. -Nicole]

  3. Arpan Chinta says:

    Any news on Hypatia Sans Italic. Those of us who registered CS3 were promised the italic version soon, but 3 years later, I still haven’t heard anything.[Hi Arpan – Hypatia Sans Italic is will be available shortly. We don’t have an exact date when the fonts will be available for purchase on, but the current estimate is summer 2010. BTW: Since you received the fonts with the CS3 font registration incentive, you may be interested to know that you will have the option to buy either a package which has the entire family or a package which has just the italics. – Nicole]

  4. Tomasz Kuczborskiot says:

    During installation of CS5 products you can opt for not installing “recommended” Adobe fonts. “Required” will always be installed.Tomek[Tomek – That is correct. The required fonts will always be installed to the system’s default fonts folder and users have the option of whether or not to install the recommended fonts. Note: The required fonts are what I referred to in my post as the “basic font set” and the recommended fonts are referred to as the “supplemental set”. – Nicole]

  5. Alessandro Perucchi says:

    Hello,I’ve just bought CS5, and I had not received any font registration incentives.Is it normal?Maybe I’ve not seen some links or anything like that..Does somebody knows?[Alessandro – The registration incentives offered for CS5 products vary not only by suite and individual point product, but also by language. Depending on what product/language you purchase, you will have anywhere from 2 to 9 options to chose from. Using English language products as one example, the two font options (Adobe Text and Kazuraki) are offered with the purchase of the following products: Design Premium, Design Standard, Production Premium, Web Premium, Master Collection, InDesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, InCopy, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Catalyst, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects, Sound Booth, Premier. If you purchased one of these products, you should have received an email after you completed the registration process. This email will explain how to download the font you chose for the registration incentive option – Nicole]

  6. Alessandro Perucchi says:

    Hello Nicole,In fact the incentive was in my spam folder! I didn’t see it at first!But now I could download the font Adobe Text, but I wasn’t offered the Kazuraki (in fact the one I really wanted!!), so I bought it, since it was only 35$, it was ok.So be careful when you said something like “You will be offered …” because it is not always the case… Yes for Adobe Text, No for Kazuraki, in my case.Cheers,Alessandro[Alessandro – I’m happy to hear that you were able receive a CS5 incentive (Adobe Text) and apologize for the confusion. Our team was under the mistaken impression that all regions and languages would have the option to chose between Adobe Text and Kazuraki. However this is not the case. I updated the blog posting to reflect the new information we have about the CS5 incentives. ~ Nicole]

  7. Cyndi Reese says:

    I am so excited to hear that the long-promised Hypatia Sans Italic will be released this summer. I have three huge documents that will postpone their publishing until the font is released. Thanks for finally getting us this much-desired font family member![Cyndi – Thank you for your comment. The Adobe Type Team shares your excitement in getting Hypatia out to our customers. ~Nicole]

  8. Shame about Adobe Text. When I was mulling over the benefit choices I couldn’t find a shred of information about it, no specimen sheets, nothing, so — even though I’m a big Robert Slimbach fan — I went with a Photoshop plug-in instead. First time I’ve not selected a font as my registration benefit. You might want to nudge the marketing folks to put some useful information in that benefits web page.[Alan – Thank you for your comment. I understand your desire to see a sample of the font before choosing the incentive. Unfortunately, we were limited by the team who’s in charge of these incentives. But, I will definitely pass along this feedback and hope to have a better experience the next time around. ~Nicole]

  9. I hope Adobe Text Pro does not end up like Hypatia Sans Pro. It would be nice if this font could be available outside a registration incentive before another four years go by. It looks like an excellent font — probably the best Adobe Originals text font ever releassed. I have been following this font for over 30 days, and there is a dearth of information. Garamond Premier Pro and Arno Pro seem to have come out more promptly.[Jonathan, Thank you for your inquiry. We do expect to offer this family on but don’t currently have a date for when this will be available to our customers. As you may have read on the comments for this blog entry, we are finally getting Hypatia Sans Pro online. It will be available on tomorrow (5/28/10). ~Nicole]

  10. Larry Eischen says:

    As my registration benefit I have downloaded the Adobe Text fonts. Now I do not know how to include those fonts in the type style list available when using the TYPE command. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.Larry[Thank you for selecting Adobe Text as your registration benefit! Please follow the following instructions to install the fonts that you just downloaded: — KL]

  11. M.C. says:

    Question: does CS5 support Indic scripts natively (specifically Devanagari character composition in Unicode) or are plugins still needed? We’re converting a number of documents into Unicode and need to know the required procedures to have the vowels appear in the correct locations and to have the composed characters appear correctly, rather than split.

    Thank you!

    1. Mary,

      I suggest that you try WinSoft International’s ScribeDOOR, which is available as an InDesign and Illustrator plug-in that exposes the functionality that you described. You can download the seven-day trial version for either application to check whether it will satisfy your needs.

  12. MJ says:

    Thank you for the useful discussion. Still I have one question: Is the complimentary benefit also granted with the InDesignCS5 Education Version or not?

    1. Good question. We believe that the answer is yes, specifically that the complimentary benefit is also granted to customers who qualify to purchase the educational versions of our products.

      Unfortunately, today is the first day of our regular holiday shutdown period, and we resume work on January 4, 2011. This effectively means that we won’t be able to get a definitive answer to your question until early 2011.

  13. Ms Fonts says:

    i am using Adobe CS3, cant read chinese/mandarin. a writer sent me in words in chinese character, i took and cut and paste into indesign. Some words turn up and some are in box symbols. Does Adobe Cs3 or CS5 comes with all chinese fonts or must i look around to purchase some new additional chinese fonts? is there a company selling fonts for adobe?

    1. As this post details, several OpenType Chinese fonts are bundled with CS5 suites and applications. When dealing with Chinese text, selecting an appropriate font usually involves determining whether the text is Simplified or Traditional. If some characters are displayed as box-like symbols, it usually means that you chose or guessed incorrectly.

      The CS5 basic font set (aka, Standard Install Set 1) includes one Simplified Chinese font, AdobeSongStd-Light.otf, and one Traditional Chinese font, AdobeMingStd-Light.otf.

      The CS5 supplemental font set (aka, Standard Install Set 2) includes three additional Simplified Chinese fonts, AdobeHeitiStd-Regular.otf, AdobeFangsongStd-Regular.otf, and AdobeKaitiStd-Regular.otf, along with one additional Traditional Chinese font, AdobeFanHeitiStd-Bold.otf.

      Please try using one or more of these bundled OpenType fonts.

  14. Tara says:

    I am working on a project that originated in Illustrator CS5. It uses a font called DinotCon(densed). I am in CS4 and do not have access to this font. The originators insist that it is somehow part of the program. How do I get this font? It does not seem to be commercially available.

    1. When you have a chance, please confirm the name of the font, because we are having difficulty finding a font with the name you provided.

  15. May says:

    I designed an app in Fireworks CS4 and used the Chinese font Adobe Kaiti Std. SInce I upgraded to CS5 this font no longer works. When I open my CS4 file in CS5 I get a message that says “Text in this document uses fonts not available on your system”!! Did CS5 overwrite / erase my old fonts? This is really disconcerting and disappointing given the amount of time I spent on this doc and the fact that I need to continually update it with new new text in chinese.

    1. The Adobe Kaiti Std font is bundled with CS5 applications. I am not sure why installing CS5 would have removed this font, but if the font is not installed by default (which seems obvious, given your predicament), you should be able to find it on, then install it from, one of the product DVDs.

  16. Brian Johnson says:

    I’ve just upgraded from CS4 to CS5.5 Design Premium. I don’t see an option to register the software in order to receive the incentive options. Since I upgraded, am I already registered and, thus, do not receive the incentives?

    Thanks much.

    1. Steve Ross says:

      Hi Brian,

      Sorry about the confusion! In CS5.5, since registration is automatic, you get the incentive for filling out your Adobe ID profile. For more information, please see this page.

      Thanks for your question,


  17. Brian Johnson says:

    I’ve been unable to figure out how to claim my free benefit. I’ve followed the instructions here:, but guess I’m doing something wrong.

    When I go to my Adobe account-information.html page, I don’t see any ‘claim benefit’ link.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks much,

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