By Popular Demand: New Fonts from Your Favorite Foundries

We’ve been getting lots of requests for new fonts from our foundry partners, so this week we’ve added a bunch of them to the Typekit library.

A sample of Proxima Nova Light

First, Mark Simonson‘s fans alerted us that the popular Proxima Nova had an additional weight that Typekit was not yet serving. Mark was more than happy to provide it, so you’ll see that we’ve added Light and Light Italic. It’s perfect for those times when Thin is too thin and Regular is just too fantastic.

A sample of Brevia

We’ve also added Brevia from Hannes von Döhren at HVD Fonts in Haumburg. Fellow Germans were demanding it, and Hannes was happy to oblige.

A sample of Raleway A sample of Orbitron

And finally, two new additions from our friends at The League of Movable Type. For open source font enthusiasts, we’ve added the elegantly thin sans-serif Raleway and the futuristic Orbitron.

Please keep the requests coming, and we’ll keep adding fonts. Let us know here in the comments, or via Twitter: @typekit.

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  1. Dan Butcher says:

    I would love to see Bouwsma Script by Philip Bouwsma and published by Canada Type. Some of the scripts currently available on Typekit run small for their point size; for example a 30 point title in a standard san-serif must become 50+ points in Chemist to fill the same space–and that totally messes things up in browsers that don’t render Typekit fonts as well as during that momentary flash of unstyled content.

    One the things I like about Bouwsma is that it’s sizing is consistent with other fonts–I won’t need to jack up the point size to get the look I want. And it’s just a great, versatile script.

    Actually, Bouwsma has a lot of great script faces I would like to see in Typekit (

    1. Ryan Lonac says:

      I am all about seeing Canada Type on Typekit. Three Islands Press as well?

  2. Sara Cannon says:

    I love the looks of Raleway and Proxima Nova Light. Thanks for adding it to Typekit!

  3. Jim says:

    Anything from Mark Simonson, even if it’s just additional weights, is a major plus for fans of beautiful font-ery. Thanks!

  4. Dan Butcher says:

    I’ll add another script suggestion: Always by Anton Sholtz. What I like about Always is 1) it has 4 weights, which seems less common with script faces but makes it much more versatile, and 2) it’s inexpensive enough that users could also buy it for use in Photoshop, etc. (it’s $38 for all 4 weights).

  5. Tim Brown says:

    Requests noted, folks.

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