New Fonts and Improved Hinting From Our Partners

Following the addition of four new foundries to Typekit last week, we have a wave of new fonts and specially hinted fonts from foundry partners like Mark Simonson, Underware, Paragraph, Insigne Design, and Buro Destruct.

First, Mark Simonson is adding Changeling Neo Inline and Changeling Neo Stencil to the library, making for a complete Changeling Neo family.

Next, Underware, the fine folks who make Bello Pro, have added Bello Caps to Typekit – a great compliment to their very popular brush typeface.

Jeremy Dooley of Insigne Design in Knoxville has focused specifically on web fonts. Not only is he adding a number of new faces like Chennai Slab, Sovba, and Aviano, but he has updated the hinting on existing fonts like Aviano Sans and Aviano Didone, Le Harve and Le Harve Rounded, Sommet Rounded, Olidia, and Pauline.

Similarly, Jan Schmoeger of the Australia-based Paragraph has re-hinted their contemporary sans-serif Galette. Working to optimize all six weights and styles for use on the web, the additional attention to detail is obvious in the improved rendering.

And finally, Buro Destruct from Bern, Switzerland has added BD Retrocentric, BD Viewmaster, BDR A3MIK, and BDR Mono for your typographic enjoyment. And check out the great use of BD Jupiter on the Buro Destruct blog.

Go have a look.

4 Responses

  1. Typekit needs a “only show fonts that have been tested and look good in Windows” checkbox.

    Because Windows forces letter forms into the pixel grid the kerning falls apart, causing poor readability. There are a fair number of Typekit fonts that are beautiful but not usable for this reason.

    1. Piet van Dongen says:

      I absolutely agree!

    2. Tommy says:

      Couldn’t agree more, the browser preview feature is great, but if there were some kind of rating for “IE readability”, that would save people a lot of time while looking for fonts.

  2. Anon says:

    Yes!! I’ve just sent the same suggestion to Typekit. I really don’t think they want their customers to spend their days going through hundreds of unsuitable fonts, getting more and more cross as we do it!

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