New kind of font match(mak)ing

Just too weird and fun not to share, Extensis’ new time-wasting web site that’s part “what font are you” quiz and part showing what would happen if fonts were people and tried to date.

Amanda Paull from Extensis tried to post this as a comment, but it’s too cool to hide away like that. 🙂

“Thought your readers might have some fun with this on Valentine’s day: its a font matching/ dating game thingy. Hard to explain, but a fun diversion for font fanatics…”

3 Responses

  1. iynque says:

    I have never been so insulted. Comic Sans? I wouldn’t liken my worst enemy to Comic Sans.[I came up as Comic Sans myself. Don’t sweat it – the fun part is playing the little videos showing the font-characters interacting. – T]

  2. Bruce says:

    Finally found a couple compatible after 20 minutes. Papyrus and Comic Sans – Yes!

  3. carla says:

    Well, they labeled me “Helvetica.” At least I’m not some crappy Truetype. When are they going to get some real typefaces in their database?[Urm, the whole thing is a bit of a joke, and a chance to do some funny videos of typefaces-as-people interacting. I certainly don’t see any of my favorite typefaces, but that isnt really the point, you know? But I should point out that Helvetica is available in TrueType format, and in fact the version bundled with Mac OS is TrueType. – T]

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