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What fonts are bundled with Creative Suite 3? There will be a nicely formatted official page up in a week or two, but in the meantime, here’s the raw scoop. A few added notes are in order, though.

Hypatia Sans isn’t on the list as it’s a registration incentive rather than (strictly speaking) bundled.

This list only has the Suite configurations. But here’s what you need to know about some of the individual products in conjunction with that linked page:

– InDesign CS3 and Illustrator CS3 have the same bundle as Creative Suite 3 Design Standard
– Fireworks CS3 and Flash CS3 Professional bundle the Web Authoring Fonts.
– I *think* Photoshop CS3 has the “Standard Installed fonts” but not the “Standard Disk fonts”

I hope this is helpful. I’ll link to the official page when it’s up.

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  1. Michael Sullivan says:

    Any idea when the emails about registration benefits (i.e., the Hypatia fonts) will go out? I was concerned that the email might have been trapped by a spam filter, so I went through the registration process again recently and there has been no email.[It seems I was misled by the fact that I got an email when I registered. It seems that we initially were only sending emails out to people with “adobe.com” email addresses, so we could act as beta testers for the registration incentives. I believe they’ll go out this week, but I can’t swear to it. – T]

  2. Anne-Marie says:

    Tom, other than the addition of Arno, is the CS3 set the same as the CS2 set? Any fonts dropped from the list?[The set is not the same, although it’s similar. It’s definitely a bit smaller, and there are a few things that weren’t in the prior set, such as Bell Gothic. – T]Also, have any of these OT fonts been updated since CS2? (Similar to how Myriad Pro was updated in the CS2 install?[I don’t think so. – T]AM

  3. John Holecek says:

    I got my registration benefit email today, 25 April. Hypatia downloaded fine from the site the email directed me to.[Great! I was wondering when they were going out. – T]

  4. Jon Rothrock says:

    Of these fonts, are there any that if removed, will break the CS3 applications? I see that some of the fonts are installed into system font folders.[Anything put in a system font folder by CS3 should be safe to remove or turn off. If it’s in a “reqd” or “PDFL” subfolder of an Adobe private folder, then you shouldn’t move it. – T]

  5. Nigel Moore says:

    Have I misread that, or do the PDF Library Fonts really include multiple masters?[Sure, and they always have – but Adobe Sans MM and Adobe Serif MM are used internally by Acrobat for font substitution. They aren’t end user fonts. Don’t read anything into this about support for multiple master fonts! – T]

  6. Nigel Moore says:

    Oh, don’t worry, my meagre MM collection’s been replaced by OTF already! And although it was very helpful at the time, I harbour no hankerings for ATM 🙂

  7. C.Jacob: says:

    I’m not impressed with Adobe CS3 et.at. Why ship only half a font group at all.[If you mean Hypatia Sans, then you could just choose something else as your registration incentive if you don’t like it. If you mean the entire set of bundled fonts, I’m sorry you’re unhappy with getting at no extra charge a batch of high quality fonts that are worth as much as the application itself. – T]This having to pay for the italics later sounds like a con job.[You’re welcome to believe whatever you want about my honesty. Makes me feel a bit silly for spending all that time with the accounting folks trying to figure out a way to do this without incurring revenue recognition issues…. – T]I can not even access the bold hypatia that was downloaded.[Feel free to contact Adobe customer support if you’re having problems using the fonts. Or post in our user-to-user forums with more details on what your problem is, including what application(s) you’re trying to use. – T]Conning users of the computer processes seems typical of the industry producers who are over protected by the political process.[uh-huh. Adobe is based in the United States, which is in a distinct minority among western developed countries in not giving copyright protection to typeface designs as designs. The revenue recognition rules for publicly traded companies also don’t favor the software companies at all – quite the contrary. They protect investors at the expense of the corporations. I’m not disagreeing that in general large corporations have a strong influence in the American political process, but that has little to do with typefaces, nor with the issues at hand. – T]Why waste our harddrive space with junk that is touted as a benefit.[Feel free to delete as many fonts as you like. Nobody’s forcing you to keep them. it’s no more difficult to do that than to post your message here. Cheers. – T]

  8. Benji says:

    I know this is old, but I am trying to compile a list of fonts that should be on our machines….is this list still available somewhere? I found the list for CS4, but no luck for CS3, which some of my clients are still using…

    1. Nicole Minoza says:

      Hi Benji,

      We’ve added a new page to our blog which lists out this information. You can find this page under the section “More about Adobe Type” (right hand navigation bar) or by clicking here. If you have any other questions about fonts installed by our apps, please let us know.


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