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This is a pretty rare event – we haven’t had an opening for font development since just after I started, in the summer of 1997. Frankly, we’ve been kind of blanketing all the usual typographic hangouts, so odds are good that if you’re qualified, you’ve already heard about this. But just in case, here’s our job posting:

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Join Adobe’s Type Development Staff!

We have a mid-level type development position open, and are looking for someone to join a team that continues to define the state of the art in font technology and type design. In this position, you would help us develop new fonts, enhance current fonts, and perhaps create some new designs for our font library.

This position would involve close collaboration with the rest of the development team to produce fonts. This would include activities like kerning glyphs, creating layout features and extending or completing Adobe designs.

– understanding of type design principles
– several years’ experience with font production software and technology
– python scripting experience
– work in Silicon Valley area of California (relocation assistance available)

– good understanding of font technology
– experience defining OpenType layout features
– read and write multiple languages
– experienced with some non-Latin writing systems
– able to communicate clearly about typography and font technology

David Lemon (Sr Manager, Type Development) –
Ross Pasquale (Recruiter) –

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  1. mike smick says:

    I get the requirements, but one putoff might be the python scripting. Not to say there aren’t people that know font dev and python, but that sure would filter out pretty much all of the designers I’ve ever met.

  2. Mike,Certainly that would narrow the field considerably. Or, to put it the other way around, experience designing fonts might drastically reduce the number of eligible Python scripters out there. :)So, yes, the number of people with real skill in both these areas at the same time is very small, and we realize that.I will go out on a limb and suggest that if the candidate had real scripting or programming expertise other than Python, that would probably be acceptable. Somebody with that background could presumably learn Python fairly quickly.Regards,T

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