New and updated fonts from exljbris

January 20, 2011

Jos Buivenga’s popular and versatile Museo superfamily (Museo, Museo Sans, and Museo Slab) has received several updates worth noting. First, all weights of Museo now include italic styles. This means that all three Museo families now contain ten weights and styles or more.

All five weights of Museo italics. From top to bottom: 900, 700, 100, 500, 300.

Additionally, we have manually hinted Museo Sans and Museo Slab for better rendering in Windows. Just republish your kits for an instant improvement in Windows GDI environments.

Museo Sans 700, hinted, in Windows GDI w/ ClearType
Museo Sans 700, unhinted, in Windows GDI w/ ClearType

Museo Slab 700, hinted, in Windows GDI w/ ClearType
Museo Slab 700, unhinted, in Windows GDI w/ ClearType

And that’s not all. Jos recently put the finishing touches on Calluna Sans, a new sans-serif counterpart to exljbris’ excellent humanist serif, Calluna. All ten weights and styles, from Light to Black, are included in all Typekit libraries.

Calluna Sans Light Italic and Bold.

4 Responses to “New and updated fonts from exljbris”

  1. Xavier Says:

    Lovely! Thank you Jos, for making this happen…

  2. Marcos BDM Says:

    Thx for the hard work. Hinting takes a lot of time.
    It would be great to know which fonts in your catalogue are manually hinted (be it by you or by the foundries) and which are not.

  3. Wolf Says:

    When there’s a tie between typefaces the one that’s available as a properly hinted webfont wins. More power to Jos!

  4. zandyring Says:

    Terrific! I’m happy to hear about the hinting, and Jos’ work is simply lovely. I’m glad there’s more of it!

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