We’re delighted to announce that Morisawa, the premier type foundry in Japan, is our newest foundry partner to join the Typekit library. Morisawa represents the industry standard for Japanese typesetting, and we couldn’t be prouder of this collaboration, which will put dozens of quality Japanese fonts within immediate reach of anyone using Typekit and Creative Cloud.

With roots in the Japanese phototypesetting industry, Morisawa began to gain serious traction in the font development business during the 1970s, as it dedicated more of their staff towards improving and expanding their typefaces. They also positioned themselves strategically during this time by embracing digital typesetting technology to build …

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New fonts on Typekit from Delve Fonts and Phil’s Fonts

We’ve long enjoyed having fonts from Delve Fonts and Phil’s Fonts on Typekit for use on the web, and with today’s additions to the library we’re delighted that both foundries have made their entire Typekit offerings available for sync as well. Enjoy the broadened availability, and let us know what you think of the new additions!

Delve Fonts


Dave Bailey went beyond the classic characteristics of “Western” wood type for this design. The extremely thick horizontal strokes, fun curves, and pronounced notches all make this typeface sturdy yet whimsical. There is a lot to work with too; both a light and heavy weight, each …

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Smoother curves with decimal coordinate values

When designing PostScript fonts, one long-standing challenge has been mastering the precision of placing points when drawing lines and curves. Here at Adobe Type, when this problem threatened to thwart the development of a typeface, we ended up adapting our font development software to allow for even more precise point placement.

Most glyphs are drawn within an area (called the the ‘em-box’) that is 1000 by 1000 units, and all points must be placed at integer positions within this area. Historically, this has been only a minor issue for Western font developers: although font developers occasionally complain, it is a rarely a problem, and the …

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Adobe Kannada

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Adobe Kannada

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