If you opened up the kit editor today, you may have noticed that the default and advanced embed codes have changed. Instead of the protocol-less URL we recommended for years, we now recommend a HTTPS URL only. We’ve also changed our kit JavaScript to load all resources over HTTPS.

We’ve made this change as a response to the recent vulnerabilities and exploits in the OpenType and TrueType font formats. A malicious attacker could use these vulnerabilities to modify a Typekit font while it is being transmitted from our servers to your browser. Serving fonts (and other resources) over HTTPS ensures that the communication channel between …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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WOFF2 support added to Typekit

As part of our ongoing work on improving our web font serving performance, we’re adding support for the WOFF2 font format. The WOFF2 format succeeds the ubiquitous WOFF format and offers better compression than any other font format.

Before adopting WOFF2, we’ve extensively tested it on our font library and have seen significant compression gains over WOFF. On average, WOFF2 compresses 30% better than WOFF. The improved compression rates mean smaller font files, which in turn result in faster-loading fonts.

To get support for WOFF2, you’ll need to republish your kit. You can do this by going to your kit management page and pressing the …

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Sites We Like: From the Front, Design Philadelphia, & Vancouver Type Brigade

There is no shortage of great conferences and meetups out there to learn from and enjoy — and this week we’ve rounded up a few whose websites especially impressed us with their superb typographic choices.

From the Front

Abril Display makes for gorgeous headings in the website for this year’s From the Front conference on front-end design and development, and looks great on top of the design flourishes on the page itself. Body content appears in a mix of warm Proxima Nova Soft and Effra, a subtle contrast.

Design Philadelphia

A solid geometric sans is rarely out of place in the design world these …

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Lesson spotlight

Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Adobe Kannada

Typeface Spotlight

Adobe Kannada

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Video spotlight

Video Spotlight

What is Typekit?

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