From Wisconsin to San Diego, from emoji to wood type, our team’s conference involvement runs the gamut of type and design themes next week.

Our company’s annual conference on all things creative, Adobe Max, kicks off on Wednesday, November 2 in San Diego. It’s a big, busy gathering, and a great place to meet other creative professionals — and there’s still time to register if you’ve been on the fence. For all things Typekit, join us in Booth 215 in the Community Pavilion or at Matthew Rechs’ session on Friday at 12:45 p.m. (door prizes for first 50 attendees). We’ll have a longer post …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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Updates to our WOFF2 support

Last month, Apple released Safari 10 on OS X and iOS. Among other great new features, we were pleased to see that this new version of Safari supports the WOFF2 font format and the CSS font loading API.

WOFF2 is the next iteration of the popular WOFF format, which promises much better compression. With the Safari 10 release all major browsers now support WOFF2. In fact, in July 2016 WOFF2 overtook WOFF as the most served font format on Typekit.

Today we’re happy to announce two small changes we’ve made. As of this week, we serve WOFF2 to Safari 10 on OS X Sierra …

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Sites We Like: Ghostly Ferns and John D. Jameson

Today we’re looking at two design-oriented sites whose personalities are complemented and enhanced with thoughtful type selections.

The creative collective known as Ghostly Ferns features Kepler Bold Display on the home page and in their web store. This high-contrast and playful serif font immediately captures the imagination of the group, while the graceful sans Europa works steadily on the sidelines for each call to action.

The blog of John D. Jameson is a resource for type nerds and web designers alike. Cronos dominates the page, but the different weights that have been employed add variety to the site as well as cohesion. An excellent model …

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Lesson spotlight

Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Bickham Script

Typeface Spotlight

Bickham Script

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Video Spotlight

What is Typekit?

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