Jukebox is the product of 15 years (and counting!) of work from graphic and type designer Jason Walcott, and we’re delighted to welcome him as a new foundry partner.

Specializing in scripts and display faces, Jason is often inspired by hand lettering and vintage lettering. You may find a few familiar faces here, since some were formerly available on Typekit through Veer, but they are now available directly from Jukebox. We’re also adding some new great typefaces.

Acroterion JF

An elegant script with bold character, Acroterion is a great addition to our script catalog. Though it includes many of the flourishes of Copperplate, it’s approachable …

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Thousands of the best fonts

Browse our library of the world’s best fonts, ready to use in your next project, available for the web and your desktop.

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Sites We Like: Hip Hop Quoted

We love when people really geek out about typography (unsurprisingly). It’s even more fun when they combine typographic interest with another passion — in this case, hip hop lyrics.

Hip Hop Quoted is the project of designer/developer Ollie Kavanagh, and a fantastic showcase of type in use — not to mention some powerful lyrics. We just picked a few pages from the site to feature, but there are many, many more to browse, all with great type selections.

Camp Lo, “Luchini (This is it)”

We love the big impression of 70s-inspired Soap here, which pairs perfectly with the artwork. Further down, lyrics are also …

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Choosing type for cover images

Sometimes the blank canvas is overwhelming. Getting started on a design takes some time. Many website templates help you out a little with this by proposing a simple (and often beautiful) formula: one full-screen cover image, and one big text headline.

This is a great way to make a bold front page for your site, and the question of its tone is still entirely up to you. How do you choose the type that you pair with a cover image?

We played around with this a little here at the Typekit office, just to see what we’d come up with if we started with images …

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Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Bickham Script

Typeface Spotlight

Bickham Script

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