Catch these Typekit speakers this spring

It’s been a busy year for the Typekit team, with several folks giving presentations around the world — starting this very week.

Dan Rhatigan (Senior Manager, Adobe Type) is giving two workshops at the -ing Creative Festival in Dubai. Dan will teach Building Words Like Pictures on Wednesday, followed by Type Reconstruction on Thursday.

Hopping over to Japan, Taro Yamamoto (Senior Manager, Font Development) will participate in the Tokyo Cross Talk Show Panel on April 20, with several other typographic luminaries. At this event, Taro will accept an award from the Japan Typography Association.

Stateside, in May, head to Boston, where Dan Rhatigan presents ♥ Your Type; ♥ Your Text at HOW Design Live on May 2. Later in the month, Persa Zula (Computer Scientist) speaks at !!Con in New York telling Tales of ⌧! Can You Tell Your Story When Your Character Is Undefined?!

Wrapping up the spring, Dan heads over to the UK, where he’ll speak at the 2018 Ampersand Conference in Brighton.

Want a Typekit team member to speak at your event? Feel free to reach out in the comments!

Meghan Arnold

Meghan Arnold

Typekit Product Marketing Manager. Former TYPO San Francisco conference director. Probably taking photos of signs or San Francisco sunsets. Will one day write about her adventures.

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