New fonts on Typekit from XYZ Type

Meet our newest foundry partner, XYZ Type! Founded by Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan, XYZ just launched this year and we are thrilled to offer their fonts here on Typekit.

Kiel and Ragan both have extensive experience as type designers, having worked at the likes of House Industries and Hoefler & Frere-Jones before going into independent work. Both have taught classes in type design as well — Kiel at Washington University, Ragan at Pratt, and both at Type@Cooper. We’re adding all three of their published families to Typekit Marketplace, and three styles will also be available in our subscription library for web and sync.

Aglet Slab from XYZ Type

Aglet Slab, by Jesse Ragan, is a sturdy slab whose angular framework of 45- and 90-degree angles is matched by decidedly rounded corners and edges for an overall feeling of variety and an outgoing personality. With seven different weights and matching italics for each, Aglet is versatile and will suit a huge range of different projects. Aglet Slab Regular and Bold are both available in our library, and all other weights and styles are available for purchase through Typekit Marketplace.

Export from XYZ Type

Export, both Regular and Stencil

Also by Ragan, Export is another of XYZ Type’s founding typefaces, and its rather unconventional structures give this sans serif an unusually rugged appearance. The inspiration for this typeface came from printed letters on a cardboard box, spotted by Ragan in NYC Chinatown and reimagined for this all-caps design that he describes as having an “industrial rhythm.” The Stencil style is a lot of fun too — and don’t miss the extra shipping symbols. Both styles of Export are available on Typekit Marketplace.

Cortado from XYZ Type


Ben Kiel and Jesse Ragan both worked on the design for Cortado and released it at the end of 2014, and we’re delighted to offer the single style in our subscription library. Modeled after a hand-painted script from illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt, Cortado is filled with fresh energy, but comes off as relaxed — it’s a great choice for anything that needs a bit of a midcentury feel.

See the whole collection from XYZ Type on their foundry page, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear where you use these. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram feeds for news about new type in our library.

Sally Kerrigan

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