New fonts from Fort Foundry and Regular Bold Italic

New fonts! New foundries! We are happy to welcome Fort Foundry and Regular Bold Italic to the Typekit library, with over 10 families now available for web and sync use.

Fort Foundry

With his motto “Never quit building,” Mattox Shuler brings his childhood love of building forts to his passion for the craft of type design. Most of his typefaces have a retro display style, with inspiration ranging from wartime posters and 1960’s cars to bottle labels.

Despite their distinctive character, these typefaces are versatile when put in different contexts, lending bold, clean lines to any design. The layering capabilities of Industry Inc in particular are great to experiment with. Visit the Fort Foundry website for more detail and the full specimen manuals on each.

Type specimens from Fort Foundry

Prohibition, Industry Inc Base, 3D, Inline Stroke (layered), and Colt.

Included in the Typekit library are:

Abolition and Abolition Soft
Colt and Colt Soft
Industry Inc 3D, Base, Bevel, Bevel Fill, In-N-Out, Inline, Inline Stroke, Outline, and Stencil

Regular Bold Italic

Regular Bold Italic is based in the Netherlands and founded by Timo Kuilder and Jeff Schreiber, two graphic designers who share a passion for type design. The fun personality and unusual shapes of their typefaces are grounded by rhythm and consistency in design.

Type specimens from Regular Bold Italic

Rucksack (above), FatFrank (below)

Rucksack is a modern and versatile sans serif family, mainly inspired by geometric typefaces like Paul Renner’s Futura. It’s powerful as a display face, but it is also designed for text-sized legibility with some indented stems and a tall x-height. And FatFrank is a sturdy yet friendly typeface inspired by 20th century sans serifs. It renders well at large sizes and gives emphasis without overpowering its surroundings.

Take them for a spin and let us know what you think! All these new additions to the library are available for both web use and syncing. If you don’t have a Typekit subscription, it’s free to try out and take a look around.

Ariadne Remoundakis

Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit. A Greek American in California by way of Athens and London. Passionate about hand lettering, mostly on birthday cards and post-its.

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