Sites We Like: Thoughtbot, AudienceOps, & Mobify

This week in Sites We Like, we’ve found a nice cluster of businesses whose work is largely to keep other businesses moving along successfully. Look here for some of your favorite tools for web work and commerce — and some great typographic choices as well.


Thoughtbot website

The designers at Thoughtbot picked one serif, one sans, and one monospaced typeface to round out the type on their site, and the combination works beautifully, making this extensive portfolio feel tidy rather than overwhelming. Headers are in Calluna Sans, body text in Freight Text, and if you explore enough you’ll find some code in Courier Prime.


AudienceOps website

AudienceOps also uses a triad of typefaces on their site, but in this case it’s a good example of how to pair two sans-serifs. Lovely DIN Condensed is used for the headers, and the body text is set in Adelle Sans. If the differences in color, size, and shape weren’t already enough to cleanly distinguish the two sans from one another, the use of Clarendon Text in the subheads goes even further to establish a dynamic typographic system at work.


Mobify website

No type triad for Mobify: it’s FF Dagny all the way. And it works, especially with the Extra Light weight giving a graceful flavor to the headers.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

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