More Typekit fonts for your blog

Customizing your blog with fonts from Typekit just got even better. In partnership with Typekit, has refreshed the list of fonts included in its Custom Design upgrade, giving you access to some great new options.

Highlights among the new fonts include Abril Text from TypeTogether for classically readable paragraphs, Futura PT from ParaType for elegant headlines, and the always versatile Brandon Grotesque from HVD Fonts and Chaparral Pro from Adobe.

Like before, you can preview any of the fonts on your blog by selecting them from the font menus in the Customize feature.

Then, a click of the Save button applies the fonts to your blog, no coding required.

We’re excited to help make more Typekit fonts available to users through this easy-to-use feature and can’t wait to see the new, creative examples of blog typography that result.

Gregory Veen

Co-founder of Typekit, where I work on product and business development. Designer and developer of websites and software since 1994 for companies like Google, Twitter, and others. @gregveen on Twitter.

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