The Typekit pop-up library goes to Ampersand NYC


The Typekit pop-up library will appear tomorrow, November 2nd, at Ampersand NYC. The library will be located on the upper level, to the left of the stage entrance and just around the corner. If you saw the pop-up library at Brooklyn Beta, it’ll look a little different this time, as we’ve changed the look and layout to be unique to Ampersand. In addition to hosting a few new books, our space is a little cozier, which we think suits a library well. Come find a book and take a seat for a little while between sessions; maybe you’ll learn something new.

And don’t forget to join us for the after party at the Hudson Bond, 215 West 40th Street. We’ll be there from 7:30pm on!


New additions to the library collection include:

Typeface: Class Typography for Contemporary Design by Tamye Riggs

Here is an ambitious book that covers a lot of ground and does it well. Written and designed by my friends Tamye Riggs and James Grieshaber, respectively, it works as both a visual introduction to typefaces in use in a variety of settings, but can also serve as a colorful reference for future typographic projects. — Christopher Slye

Typoholic by Viction:workshop

Thinking with Type (2nd Edition) by Ellen Lupton

Merz to Emigre and Beyond by Stephen Heller

Playful Type 2 by Robert Klanten; Hendrik Hellige; Jan Middendorp

Interaction of Color – Josef Albers

designing with web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman & Ethan Marcotte

Corporate Diversity – Andres Janser and Barbara Junod

Herb Lubalin – Gertrude Snyder and Alan Peckolick

Symbols Signs Letters – Martin Andersch

Football Type Rick – Banks and Sheridan Bird

Adobe Originals type specimen books: Poetica, Minion, Adobe Caslon, Adobe Garamond, Adobe Jenson, and Garamond Premier.

You can view a full list of the available books in our previous blog post. We are looking for more to add to our library, too, so please send us your suggestions.

If you think Typekit’s pop-up library would be a good fit for your event, please get in touch with us through