Sites We Like: Mailbox, TeuxDeux, and HipChat

Modern communication feels like such strange drudgery sometimes. In this week’s sites we like, three entrepreneurial products are looking to turn that around and help you get things done.

Mailbox screenshot

Does anyone really enjoy managing email? Mailbox may be about to change that with their innovative approach—which is gaining hype, to be sure, by the ever-growing waiting list to try out the service. We love the Futura PT headings on this site; there’s nothing quite like this timeless typeface to bring a feeling of modern simplicity to any design (and, with luck, to your email backlog as well).

TeuxDeux screenshot

If you’re a checklist addict, you can assume you’ll need at least ten minutes just to play with the fun demo app on TeuxDeux’s homepage. Once that’s out of your system, have a look at how Alternate Gothic No. 1 D adds a trim, organized feel to the weekday headings. Rarely does sprawling “Wednesday” look so contained.

HipChat screenshot

Proxima Nova proves itself again and again, and we love how it feels on the HipChat homepage. Simple and non-ornamental, it’s a typeface that gets out of your way, offering the same sort of straightforward functionality as HipChat’s sleek group chatting service.

That’s it for this week’s sites! Share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

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