Sites We Like: An Event Apart, Ballard Pizza Company, Reno Chicago, and MuleNog ’12

There’s plenty of pizza, an AEA redesign, and some holiday cheer in this week’s sites we like.

Ballard Pizza Company

Ballard Pizza Company serves whole pies and fat slices to the pizza lovers of Seattle. Their website packs a lot of information into a narrow space, while exuding hard work and quick service; two widths of Proxima Nova (regular and Extra Condensed) deliver.

Reno Chicago

Taut type, glossy photography, and a burlap background emphasize the attention to surface and texture at Reno Chicago. A simple composition built with no-frills Refrigerator Deluxe helps bring out the content’s warm glow.

An Event Apart

For people who make websites, the An Event Apart redesign might be as educational as the conference itself. From its new RESS-based design to its masterful application of the upbeat and clever Freight Sans, the new site is worth studying.

MuleNog ’12

Alright, that’s enough working hard, paying attention, and studying — it’s time to make a fake moon landing video and get invited to MuleNog ’12. When you get there, be sure to compliment Alaska Dave on the pertinent use of BD Geminis. Source Sans does a fine, upstanding job despite the surrounding nonsense.

That’s all for this week! Share sites that you like in the comments!

Tim Brown

Head of Typography for Adobe Typekit & Adobe Type. Practicing typography and web design every day. I write, speak, and make tools to share what I learn. I try to be helpful. I love my wife, kids, family, friends, teachers, and dogs. I'm a volunteer firefighter.

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