New Typekit partners

One of our goals at Typekit is to make beautiful typography accessible to more people. To that end, we love to see Typekit integrated with other services, making web fonts easy and delightful. Here are some great services which have recently added support for Typekit.


Bourbon is a service that makes it simple to set up a high quality mobile website for your local business. In addition to powerful tools for integrating maps, galleries, menus and other features, Bourbon includes the ability to control key aspects of your site’s design, including layout, colors, and — of course — fonts provided by Typekit.

Bourbon font menu

Choose from a selection of Typekit fonts in Bourbon.

Just choose the fonts you want, and let Bourbon and Typekit take care of the rest for you behind the scenes.


SpaceCraft gives you everything you need to easily create, maintain, and host an effective small business website, including fine-grained control of your site’s fonts.

The SpaceCraft homepage highlights a number of great sites built with and hosted by the service, including the official site of Lance Armstrong, which uses SpaceCraft’s integration of Typekit to achieve an elegant design incorporating Futura PT from ParaType.

Lance Armstrong's website

Lance Armstrong’s website incorporates Futura PT via SpaceCraft and Typekit.


Rocketspark bills itself as “the website that makes websites” — and it really is that simple. With its series of web-based tools, you can create a beautiful website in minutes, choosing from a focused set of layouts, smart color palette suggestions, and fonts from Typekit.

Rocketspark font controls

Choose from a variety of fonts from Typekit in Rocketspark.

The Rocketspark portfolio page showcases great sites created with the service.

With all of these partner sites, you just specify your fonts, and you’re on your way. There’s no need to configure kits or work with the Typekit embed code. It’s that easy.

Do you run a platform that would benefit from a Typekit-powered web font integration like those described here? Drop us a line at to learn how to get started.