Support for more browsers on iOS and Android

Today, we’re announcing official support for more web browsers on both iOS and Android devices. To get these latest browser support updates, simply republish your kits.

Chrome for iOS

In February, we added support for Chrome for Android. Now, we’re also adding official support for the recently released Chrome for iOS.

Firefox for Android

In June, Mozilla released a major overhaul of Firefox for Android. The Android version is now keeping pace with the latest desktop version and has a speedy native interface. We’ve added Firefox for Android to our list of officially supported Android browsers.

Opera Mobile for Android

We’ve also added official support for Opera Mobile for Android. Unlike its little brother, Opera Mini, the Opera Mobile browser has support for @font-face and the WOFF file format, just like the full desktop version.

As a reminder, you can enable or disable sending fonts to Android, iPad, or iPhone in your Kit Editor (under Kit Settings > Mobile Settings). Disabling a platform will disable support for all browsers on that platform. If you have mobile support turned on (which is the default), you need only republish your kits to get the latest updates.