Sites we like: Salt Surf, Wantful, and American Teilhard Association

New York City surf, perfect gifts, and the future of the human in this week’s sites we like.

Salt Surf

Pill Gothic headlines on Salt Surf, surfboards made especially for New York City surf. Note the very generous letter-spacing (14px) on the handsome all-caps headlines.


Adelle and FF Meta join forces on Wantful, a service that helps you find the perfect gift for any occasion (whether birthday, anniversary, or just because). FF Meta is uncommonly warm for a sans serif, and lends the site a nice human touch.

American Teilhard Association

And a pair of FontFont favorites — FF Milo and FF Tisa — communicate clarity and confidence on the website for the American Teilhard Association, dedicated to the life and work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. FF Milo is sturdy, but also expressive, with playful tails on the cap “R” and “K” — especially noticeable when set extra large.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments, or browse the Gallery for more inspiration.