Sites we like: Twitter’s 2011 Year in Review, Uncrate, and Shorewood Ovation

A look back, great gear, and beautiful packaging in this week’s sites we like.

Twitter 2011 Year in Review

Twitter is back with the year in review, looking at stories, people, and statistics that marked 2011. League Gothic (set in all caps with just a bit of letter-spacing) pairs up with FF Tisa and some micro-patterned backgrounds for a sophisticated, textured look.


Uncrate likewise pairs FF Tisa with a condensed sans serif, opting for Alternate Gothic No. 2 D. Combined with the high-contrast palette and excellent photography, the design perfectly reflects the gadget-geek culture.

Shorewood Ovation

Shorewood Ovation specializes in high-end packaging for entertainment projects. Extra large photos showcase the work, while Adobe Caslon (set especially small) provides a delicate, classy foil.