Sites we like: Amit Gupta Needs You!, CSS-Tricks, and Kyle Meyer

A great cause and making websites better in this week’s sites we like.

Amit Gupta needs you to register to be a bone marrow donor. Bone marrow donations are safe and painless, and registration requires little more than a quick swab on the inside of your cheek. Amit is most likely to find a matching donor among people of South Asian decent, but people of all ethnicities are encouraged to donate; you may find the simple act helps save someone else’s life, too.

Since 2007, Chris Coyier’s CSS-Tricks has helped us get the most out of every line in our stylesheets. Kulurista’s light weight is especially handsome when set large, and it pairs nicely with body text set in the neutral (but never dull) Myriad.

And Kyle Meyer’s minimalist design combines ample white space and a subdued palette with FF Tisa and Futura PT. Futura PT shines when set in all caps (with ample letter-spacing). The unexpectedly bright hover state on the post titles is lovely and refreshing.

That’s all for this week; stay tuned for more sites we like next week.