More Adobe Originals Come to the Web

Some more additions to the Adobe Web Fonts collection are available today through our partners, Typekit and WebINK.

First, one of the most popular Adobe Web Font families so far, Chaparral Pro, has been supplemented with more optical sizes (Caption, Subhead and Display) in a range of weights, from Light to Bold. Chaparral is the only design Carol Twombly created with an optical size axis, so we’re pleased to now offer you more choices to explore Carol’s entire design.

Utopia was Robert Slimbach’s first original typeface design for Adobe, and made its debut as one of the first Adobe Originals in 1989. For its release, Lance Hidy wrote:

With Utopia, designer Robert Slimbach has combined 18th-century formalism with contemporary innovation. The result is neither an antique revival nor a machine-age renunciation of tradition, but a lively synthesis of old and new.

Today, its sturdy features and generous x-height should prove to be versatile on the web. Utopia Std is now available for the web in Regular, Semibold and Bold weights, along with corresponding italics.

Another seminal Slimbach design, Poetica, is both an excellent revival of Italian Renaissance chancery script, and a beautiful example of Robert’s skill in interpreting humanistic letterforms for a digital medium. Such carefully conceived revivals were relatively rare when Poetica first appeared in 1992 — and very few have been executed so well since. Poetica Std is available for the web as a single OpenType font.

Finally, although they are not Adobe Originals, OCR-A and OCR-B are, believe it or not, consistently popular choices from the Adobe Type Library, and they round out this latest Adobe Web Fonts release.

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Update: David Lemon clarifies what I meant by “original … design”:

Utopia as Robert’s first original design is… a matter of semantics I guess. Robert worked on Utopia and Adobe Garamond in parallel, and we released Adobe Garamond first (packages 100 & 101, where Utopia was 104 & 105). But if you mean “original” as in “non-revival” that’s true. Trivia note: He did finish ITC Giovanni here, before starting on Adobe designs.

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