Speaking: Greg Veen in San Francisco, Jason Santa Maria in Seattle

Two members of the Typekit team will be speaking about type in the coming week.

Greg Veen will speak at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on Tuesday. The provocatively titled “Web fonts: Why Bother?” presentation will address the value of web fonts, their advantages over older methods, and strategies for making the best of them.

In Seattle, Jason Santa Maria will take the stage Monday at An Event Apart. His talk, “On Web Typography,” will delve into approaches to typographic planning, learning to look at type with a discerning eye, how typography impacts reading, and how to choose and pair type for more beautiful and functional designs.

Also of note is that Typekit is hosting the pre-conference party for An Event Apart. Join us at the Frontier Room starting at 6pm for drinks and font geekery. We hope to see you there!