Web Fonts Arrive at Acrobat.com

In what I consider an indication of great things to come, Adobe’s Acrobat.com site now features our exclusive corporate typeface design, Adobe Clean, delivered for us by our web font partner, Typekit. (We have already done the same for Typblography.) We are looking forward to Adobe Clean making its way onto other Adobe web sites in the weeks and months ahead.

Of course Adobe Clean has already been used on Adobe’s web sites, but anywhere else you have seen it has used (and is likely still using) pre-rendered bitmaps, or font replacement techniques like sIFR or Cufón. Although the latter techniques offer some advantages over the former, neither is as elegant, convenient and flexible as CSS’s @font-face rule.

And just a reminder: Don’t go looking for Adobe Clean on Typekit’s site. It was created and is being hosted for Adobe’s exclusive use — so it won’t be available to anyone else, anywhere. Of course Typekit has plenty of other fabulous Adobe typefaces for you to employ in your own work, so have a look.

For more information on the Adobe Clean typeface family, see last year’s blog post.

Christopher Slye

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