Comment authentication

As a means of dealing with the mountains of spam comments I get, I am (for now) resorting to comment authentication. This means that in order to make a comment, you need to sign in to TypeKey, a free service for such purposes.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience – I don’t like having to do a log-in at another site to post comments, either. But wading through the spam comments is time-consuming, and several times now I have missed a real comment amidst all the spam, which is Not Good. Perhaps we’ll get some more sophisticated automatic system in the future, but for now I’m going to use this.

I gather several other Adobe blogs are going to the same system; at least you’ll only need to sign in once.

Thomas Phinney

Adobe type alumnus (1997–2008), now VP at FontLab, also helped create WebINK at Extensis. Lives in Portland (OR), enjoys board games, movies, and loves spicy food.

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