What’s this blog about?

This blog will contain my musings on the technical, business, historical and design aspects of type/fonts and their technologies, including OpenType and SING.

I’m not making any promises about future topics, but here’s the list I made of things I’m thinking of covering in future posts. Feel free to comment on which of these topics you’d like to see, or other subjects you’d like to see covered.

  • why type matters
  • User Interface issues for fonts
  • Type conferences (ATypI, TypeCon, St Bride, etc.)
  • Type 1 phase-out & font conversion FAQ
  • Elements of font quality
  • OpenType contextual font features: enabling great script fonts and much weirdness
  • SING (& why we should care for western fonts)
  • OpenType goes open
  • Copy-protection and fonts
  • CoolType & ClearType font rendering (incl. Avalon CFF rasterizer)
  • CID fonts: what are they, why are they in my PDF, and why won’t they print?
  • Hypatia Sans, my first retail typeface design
  • OpenType Stylistic Sets: more freedom for type designers

As for why I’m writing about this stuff, I’m Adobe’s program manager for fonts and core technologies (there are a bunch of us on core tech, but I’m the only PM for fonts). For more about me, see my next post….

Thomas Phinney

Adobe type alumnus (1997–2008), now VP at FontLab, also helped create WebINK at Extensis. Lives in Portland (OR), enjoys board games, movies, and loves spicy food.

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Thomas Phinney · October 5, 2005 · Making Type