DSType joins Typekit

Today we’re happy to welcome DSType to Typekit. This first release includes a selection of DSType’s energetic display faces: Acta (Display, Poster, Poster Swashes); Estilo (Pro, Regular, Script); Penna (Regular, Connected, Swashes, Connected Swashes); and Velino Poster. All are served with PostScript outlines for optimal rendering at display sizes.

Top to bottom: Acta Poster Italic + Swash, Display Extrabold, Poster Regular, Display Bold Italic, Poster Italic, Display Light

The extensive Acta Display family adds a generous range of vibrant display serifs to the Typekit library, from Light to the ultra-chunky Poster. As with many of Dino dos Santos’ typefaces, Acta manages to balance classic Baroque elegance with modern, playful flair. The extremes of this balance are embodied in Acta Poster, especially a Swashes variation that features long, skinny appendages ending in heavy tear-like ball terminals.

Top to bottom: Estilo Script, Estilo Regular, Estilo Pro

Estilo began as a single art deco-inspired font style, with rounded terminals and centered small caps. Loopy but constrained swashes were added in the popular Estilo Script, and eventually an expanded set of weights with sharper, refined terminals became Estilo Pro. Generous letterspacing and a rigid skeleton give Estilo a classy, minimalist look, but a few details — like the long tails on the cap Q and R, and the slanted small cap A and V in the original Estilo — add a touch of flamboyancy.

If you’re already a Typekit customer, enjoy these new fonts. If you’ve never tried Typekit, sign up — it’s free! You can use these DSType fonts right away, and upgrade your plan as needed.

Ivan Bettger

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