This week, we’re feeling drawn in by the vibrant portfolios of a few creative agencies—all of whom take the opportunity on their own sites to show off skilled web design as well as some solid typographic choices.

Domani website

Domani makes a great case for itself as a creative agency with the bold images and clever animations on this delightful website. Futura PT is a perfect typeface choice to match this energy, and beneath these geometric headings, the rounded edges of Omnes pair nicely in the body text.

Makewell website

Makewell takes a more minimal approach to their portfolio page, and the result is a clean, straightforward site that tells a convincing story about their portfolio of projects. Type is carefully paired here, with Museo Sans used throughout and occasionally punctuated with a dash of Museo Slab.

Planet Propoganda website

Design is front and center at Planet Propaganda, with snapshots from their excellent portfolio on display alongside their thoughtfully composed method. The eye-catching type in the main navigation is Hellenic Wide, a digital adaptation of a metal type with roots in the late 19th century. Futura PT also appears in headers throughout the site.

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Brooklyn, bitly, and bricks: this week’s sites we like are all brought to you by the letter B!

bitly screenshot

Slightly rebranded from the original .ly domain, bitly is in the market to help you keep your digital life tidy. It underscores this goal with a clean, organized website design, featuring the extra-legible Adelle for clear copy across the page.

BKLYNR screenshot

We just love the look of Quatro in a big, bold title format. BKLYNR uses this expertly on their smart new site, whose goal is to provide a platform and funding for Brooklyn-centric journalism. Body text is set in the smoothly modern Proxima Nova.

screenshot from The Art of Bricks

Many of us played with Legos as kids; however, Nathan Sawaya never put them down. The Art of the Brick showcases his artwork, which uses Legos as a medium for larger-than-life sculptures. The site is thoughtfully put together, with sleek League Gothic used in headings and navigational text, and Museo Slab offering a robust counterpoint.

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All manner of animals in this week’s sites we like.


Mandrill is MailChimp’s email notification platform for apps. Freight Sans, set in all caps with generous letter spacing, exemplifies the sleek and contemporary aesthetic of the site.

Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital

If the Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital puts as much care into their services as they do their website, your pet should be in good hands. Friendly, informative, and tasteful, they utilize FF Dax Compact, Museo Slab, and cute silhouetted critters to great effect.

Little Goat Chicago

If it’s true that you first eat with your eyes, you might take a bite out of your laptop. Little Goat Diner’s charming illustrated and animated splash screens are a clever prelude to their numerous and extensive menus, set in the appropriately playful Brandon Grotesque.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments!