In this week’s sites we like, we’re craving just a little space—be it working space, actual outer space, or even just the suggestion of rockets. Fuel up for a high-level tour of a few sites that caught our attention.

Rockit Science website

A forward-thinking advertising agency with an innovative streak, Rockit Science Agency has pulled together a tightly cohesive homepage with attractive layouts and the polished look of FF DIN for its text. Eye-catching images lead you directly into their impressive portfolio of past projects.

Making Space for Others website

Getting down to the science of personal working space, Katy Jackson presents her research findings in this beautiful website, Making Space for Others. Most of the text is in Minion, a great option for long-form writing anywhere, with navigation text in Open Sans. The clean, open design of this page immediately helps you focus on the words.

How Many People Are in Space Right Now website

Finally, we get to outer space, and the few humans who are currently working out there nearly beyond gravity’s grasp. How many humans? How Many People Are in Space Right Now? is here with the handy answer. Scroll down for more information about the astronauts currently up in orbit, along with an extended look at graceful FF Enzo, which is used for all the text on this site. (Including the giant number.)

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

In this week’s sites we like, we’ve found a few sites whose business involves a lot of time around film—making it look good, sound right, and helping us regular viewers keep track of it all.

Ende website

We don’t frequently see monospaced fonts used for longer text passages on websites, but Colombian audiovisual design firm Ende uses Inconsolata to great effect on their homepage, giving the text a crisp feel against soft background colors that subtly change as you scroll. Futura PT appears in the headings.

Golden Hum website

Golden Hum, a music and sound production company based in London, shows off its impressive portfolio. Minion Pro, heavy on caps, is used for the text throughout, its classically-inspired shapes looking fit to be carved into stone along with Golden Hum’s precisely-chiseled logo.

Letterboxd website

Gearing up for a scary movie to celebrate another Friday the 13th? Letterboxd keeps track of the films you watch, letting you record notes and create lists—either for your own reference, or to share with friends. Abril Text is used for most of the copy, with Proxima Nova and Freight Sans for navigational text and tags.

That’s it for this week’s sites we like; share sites you like in the comments!

This week, we’re looking at the scaffolding that keeps the creative world running: templates, punctuation, and personal missions. Oh, and typography, of course.


Designer Conor O’Driscoll ties together threads of creative inspiration from an impressive batch of professionals in his interviews on Body text is primarily in Proxima Nova, but the interview questions are offset in blocky Quatro Slab, lending a textured feel to the transcripts.

Screenshot from Quotes and Accents

Minion is a great typographic choice for Quotes & Accents, Jessica Hische’s website dedicated to documenting Mac keyboard shortcuts for accented characters. The font’s clarity of form really comes in handy on a page detailing the subtle rules of various punctuation marks, and looks lovely to boot.

Screenshot from Underscores

We’ve seen Stratum in action before, but it never fails to impress. Here, Stratum 1 sets the aesthetic for Underscores, a WordPress starter theme designed for people who want to build their own themes but don’t necessarily want to begin from scratch. Stratum is available directly from Process Type Foundry; purchase the license from them, and we’ll happily host the font.

That’s it for this week’s sites! Share sites you like in the comments.