In the deep weeks of winter, it’s helpful to think of cheerful things—like the fact that the days are already getting longer, and that you only really need one perfect typeface to make your website feel balanced. To round out this chilly week, we’re looking at a few bright, sunny sites that recently caught our attention.

Sam Willis website

Bold color blocks are a simple, effective backdrop to designer Sam Willis’s portfolio site, and subtle Ratio performs beautifully in this setting. Multiple weights of the single typeface give a clean, cohesive feel to the page, while unobtrusive animations keep the navigation fun.

Stuff and Nonsense

We’ve been fans of previous iterations of the Stuff & Nonsense website, and with their fresh redesign featuring lovely Jubilat, we’re smitten all over again. “Fashionably flexible” appears with good reason in the page title: fans of responsive design will be rewarded with a very well-done scaling header image—and the text scales nicely, too!

Fubeca Labs

One big color, a short and playful description, and a link to get in touch by email: Fubeca Labs makes minimalism look pretty smart on their single-page, no-scroll website. Tisa shines here as the leading body text, giving just enough heft to the brief description, with Nimbus Sans in an understated pairing.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Design studio websites are reliably interesting for us, since they frequently want to pack a lot of character into the space while maintaining a wholly-functional work portfolio. It’s easy to mix up signal and noise with those priorities at stake, but here are a few studio sites that get it right.

Fuzzco website

With an energetic crew based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Fuzzco studio website shows a lot of personality—not to mention a lot of great type. Proxima Nova and Adobe Text are used for most of the body text and headings, but Droid Serif and Hydrophila Iced both make appearances as well. It’s a lot of fonts, but all are used with just the right amount of restraint.

Cultivated Wit website

Cultivated Wit is the studio of three former employees of The Onion, who have harnessed their penchant for humor and unleashed it upon all manner of web projects. Their selected web fonts are attractive and lean towards the conventional, which is all the better for tongue-in-cheek statements. Alternate Gothic No. 2 D appears in many headings, with Brandon Grotesque on broad display as well. FF Tisa appears on the blog and in other longer blurbs throughout the site.

I Shot Him website

I Shot Him is a design studio based in one of San Francisco’s sunnier microclimates. The type on their website does a great job of sturdily accompanying the stunning graphics, with Jubilat for most of the heading text and Gesta in place as a friendly, distinctive sans-serif body font. You’ll also see a few samples of lovely Signalist from Mika Melvas.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!