As winter trudges along, we’re drawn to cozy indoor activities—like curling up with a good read. In this week’s sites we like, we’re sharing a few literary-minded sites that show a lot of respect for the written word, be it recommending good reads, publishing them, or (in all cases) setting it in excellent type.

Openings website

Openings features just the first line from a long list of books, poems, songs, and other works, making for a subtly brilliant site that we got completely sucked into. Livory displays beautifully here as the primary body text font, giving a warm and weighty feel to the quoted lines. Navigation in JAF Bernina Sans is clean and unobstrusive.

STET website

We’ve loved reading the thoughtful articles that have appeared on STET, which are accompanied by fantastic illustrations and, of course, a great type pairing. Multiple weights of JAF Facit play the part of headlines and navigation, offset by the gorgeous serif Calluna. The combination makes for an enjoyable, comfortable reading experience.

Bookshelf website

Designer Daniël Van Der Winden gives us a list of recommended reading in the most stylish manner imaginable with Bookshelf. We love seeing Adelle front and center with a sweeping quote on the main page, immediately setting the deliberate, literary tone for the site. Proxima Nova appears in subheads and navigation throughout, and a long list of other fonts make cameo appearances: Abril Fatface, Futura PT (for The Wes Anderson Collection, appropriately), League Gothic, and possibly even more with the next review he posts up there.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sometimes you just want to really work your hands into something—whether it’s something you can eat at the end of the process, wear proudly, or curl up under. This week’s sites we like highlight a few of those handmade creature comforts: warm food, good shoes, and a cozy quilt.

Two Please website

From husband-and-wife team Brian Hoff and Kathleen Watkins, Two Please shows off tempting recipes with luscious photos and some great type. FF Nexus Serif and Sans, both ported over on a license from FontFont, balance each other nicely between cheerful sans headings and the delicately seriffed body text, and Brandon Grotesque looks fantastic in the header navigation.

Nick's Custom Boots website

In operation out of Toronto for the past forty years, Nick’s Custom Boots wastes no time getting to the point: if you’re looking for quality custom-made boots, you’re in the right place. You can also see two of our quality fonts on display on their store website: Bree, somewhat unusually placed as the body text font here, invokes the warm rounded elements of handwriting, while JAF Bernino Sans Condensed keeps the headings and navigation clicking along neatly.

Simply Brown website

If you’re ready to dive into your own crafty project, Eileen Brown offers us Simply Brown, whose no-nonsense quilting kits and straightforward directions will turn you into a quilter in no time. Type on the site is likewise clear and easy to read, with body text in JAF Bernina Sans and headings in Kepler Std Semicondensed. Read more about the type choices at Fonts In Use.

Well, if you didn’t have plans for this weekend already, that should get you started. That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!