In this week’s sites we like, we’re taking a quick tour through the beautiful, inspiring country of Japan—with, as always, a few side notes about type.

19 Days in Japan website

19 Days in Japan showcases the stunning photographs from a Portuguese couple’s trip to Japan; get ready to feel inspired to take up photography again, or to visit Japan, or most likely both. Image-heavy pages like this one often do well to steer towards an unobtrusive typeface for the text, and FF Dagny does a superb job of this here.

Maru website

Maru is, in fact, based out of Oslo, but is nonetheless all about Japanese design. The shop aims to represent “the highest standard of Japanese quality and design” in its offerings, and everything they sell is designed and made in Japan. The site uses FF DIN Round for the copy, reflecting many of the same subtle, soft edges in its products. (If you were hoping this would be about Maru the cat, we’re sorry to disappoint. Here’s the other Maru.)

Japan Architecture and Design website

Japan Architecture + Urbanism is an English-language magazine produced in Japan, which “offers an insider’s look at the very latest Japanese architecture,” and explores other cutting-edge architecture worldwide. The site features Proxima Nova in a few different weights, giving a pleasant lightness to the body text while keeping the headings firm.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

We love typography, and we love it even more when great type is paired with quality writing. In this week’s sites we like, we’re featuring a few smart people who are very good with words.

Jack Cheng screenshot

It doesn’t take but a few seconds on writer Jack Cheng’s website to get sucked into reading his perceptive and engaging blog. Chaparral makes for a lovely, unobstrusive body text that keeps the focus on his words, while Anivers SC brings a robust character to headings and the inspiring homepage opener.

Editorially screenshot

We love writing on the web, and the crew at Editorially aims to make that process an even better one for authors and editors with their innovative writing app. In addition to improving upon the mechanics of the modern writing process, they’ve done great work with their website; Adelle is an excellent choice to set the writerly tone for this page. (Doesn’t the descender on the “y” remind you of a typed letter?) JAF FacitWeb balances this nicely, making for clear and inviting site navigation.

Draft Supply Co screenshot

Even for those of us who work on the web, there’s nothing quite like the perfect notebook. Draft Supply Co. offers a lovely, simple interpretation of this most essential of tools, and features some exquisite type on its equally appealing website. The page bristles with energy from Stratum 2, a geometric sans serif from Process Type Foundry. The approachable FF Dagny brings a newsy personality to the body text throughout.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share the sites you like in the comments!