Design studio websites are reliably interesting for us, since they frequently want to pack a lot of character into the space while maintaining a wholly-functional work portfolio. It’s easy to mix up signal and noise with those priorities at stake, but here are a few studio sites that get it right.

Fuzzco website

With an energetic crew based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Fuzzco studio website shows a lot of personality—not to mention a lot of great type. Proxima Nova and Adobe Text are used for most of the body text and headings, but Droid Serif and Hydrophila Iced both make appearances as well. It’s a lot of fonts, but all are used with just the right amount of restraint.

Cultivated Wit website

Cultivated Wit is the studio of three former employees of The Onion, who have harnessed their penchant for humor and unleashed it upon all manner of web projects. Their selected web fonts are attractive and lean towards the conventional, which is all the better for tongue-in-cheek statements. Alternate Gothic No. 2 D appears in many headings, with Brandon Grotesque on broad display as well. FF Tisa appears on the blog and in other longer blurbs throughout the site.

I Shot Him website

I Shot Him is a design studio based in one of San Francisco’s sunnier microclimates. The type on their website does a great job of sturdily accompanying the stunning graphics, with Jubilat for most of the heading text and Gesta in place as a friendly, distinctive sans-serif body font. You’ll also see a few samples of lovely Signalist from Mika Melvas.

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In this week’s sites we like, here are a few people (and organizations) who are working to make the world a better place for everyone.

Institut Choiseul website

Based in Paris, L’Institut Choiseul is a think tank designed to support research into economic governance issues, both in France and abroad. Leitura News is a beautiful choice for a big, dynamic header text, with other serif text in Kepler and clean navigation elements in Soleil.

Designing for Social Change website

Designing for Social Change by Andrew Shea offers case studies and real, concrete strategies designers can use when working in collaboration with nonprofits and other socially-motivated organizations. DIN Condensed appears for a bold headline font, while other body text is, appropriately enough, set in the open-source Open Sans.

Common Ground website

Countless New Yorkers face a real challenge when it comes to finding stable housing, and Common Ground aims to help end homelessness in the city with their combined offering of housing and social services for several different populations. Text on the well-designed site is set in Myriad.

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Sites We Like: Space Toads

September 27, 2013

We’ve just got one site to share this week, and you’ll soon understand why. If you’re on a deadline today, you might want to attend to that before reading the rest of this post.

Space toads homepage

That’s right, Space Toads are invading, and it is your job to defend Earth! We don’t quite follow the backstory (“Burger of Truth”?) but we’re having too much fun to care.

The game was built by Luke Snopkiewicz, who proudly informed us that he used Typekit fonts throughout the entire site and—get this—in the game itself. Yup. He writes, “During gameplay, actual Typekit fonts are used within the canvas element (Canvas 2d rendering)—being moved, faded out, resized.”

Space toads gameplay screenshot

Calculator-inspired Xenara appears for most of the text on the website, with wildcard BD Geminis giving the logo and many of the in-game elements a classic sci-fi aesthetic. Mostra Nuova and Peachy Keen appear in gameplay as well—look closely.

“I don’t think you see Typekit used like this every day,” writes Luke. No, we really don’t.

Our Space Toads champ here at Typekit is Christopher Slye with a score of 90,931. Let us know in the comments if you can beat his score—or, as always, if you have other sites to recommend.

We love it when people express themselves with creativity. We’ve kind of made it our business to enable that through typography, in fact. In this week’s sites we like, we’ve rounded up a few more expressive outlets from other corners of the creative world. Get inspired!

CreativeMornings website

CreativeMornings is a free seminar series in cities across the globe, covering eclectic topics for local professionals in creative industries. They’ve recently redesigned their website, and we love the look of Atrament in those headings. The body text uses Proxima Nova for a clean complement to the condensed headers.

Dance Victoria website

Bringing dance performances to the Royal Theater in Victoria, BC, for the past 16 years, Dance Victoria boasts a cheerful website with their upcoming performances at the forefront and plenty of information for aspiring dancers and audience members alike. The headers throughout are in comfortable Myriad.

Say Hi website

Say Hi is in its early days, but we already love the look of this space for sharing poetic bits of location-centric writing. Freight Sans appears for most of the copy, with gorgeous italics in Freight Text.

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In this week’s sites we like, we’ve found a few sites whose business involves a lot of time around film—making it look good, sound right, and helping us regular viewers keep track of it all.

Ende website

We don’t frequently see monospaced fonts used for longer text passages on websites, but Colombian audiovisual design firm Ende uses Inconsolata to great effect on their homepage, giving the text a crisp feel against soft background colors that subtly change as you scroll. Futura PT appears in the headings.

Golden Hum website

Golden Hum, a music and sound production company based in London, shows off its impressive portfolio. Minion Pro, heavy on caps, is used for the text throughout, its classically-inspired shapes looking fit to be carved into stone along with Golden Hum’s precisely-chiseled logo.

Letterboxd website

Gearing up for a scary movie to celebrate another Friday the 13th? Letterboxd keeps track of the films you watch, letting you record notes and create lists—either for your own reference, or to share with friends. Abril Text is used for most of the copy, with Proxima Nova and Freight Sans for navigational text and tags.

That’s it for this week’s sites we like; share sites you like in the comments!

In this week’s sites we like, we’re looking at a few businesses who want to help you get down to the simple essentials—whether you’re building a website or paying your power bill.

Pure CSS

Responsive design just got even simpler, now that you can pop CSS modules from the open-source Pure CSS project right into your code. The header text in Omnes and body text in Proxima Nova underscore the clean, minimally-decorated site aesthetic.


Ah, electric companies. Remember when you had to use a vacation day from work so you could wait around for someone to wave a gadget at your power meter? Powershop feels a bit more evolved than all that. Not to mention that they’re using ever-classy Omnes on their site.

Plain homepage

Simplicity is the word at Plain, a small company dedicated to making intuitive, straightforward products like their Barley web editor. Brandon Grotesque makes for lovely, warm header text, and Adelle is a great serif counterpart in the body text.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share sites you like in the comments!

School will be back in session before you know it—and we’ve got you covered with a few nifty tools in this week’s Sites We Like.


Got a lot of reading to do? Whether you’re browsing the internet for research or just for fun, Instapaper helps you manage your ongoing reading list on whichever device is handy at the moment. FF Tisa makes for an appropriately bookish logo typeface, while text on the site is in clear, unobtrusive Adelle Sans.

Radar website

Radar‘s concise tagline, “Keep the things that matter on your Radar,” appears warm and inviting when set in the generous curves of Jubilat. For an app that promises “no judgement” when it comes to task reminders, this relaxed tone feels just right.


The website of developer Chris Bracco is full of useful information, and we especially like this walkthrough of how (and when) to use curly quotes on different operating systems—advice that’s sure to help your written reports shine. Headings are strikingly set in Adonis with the body text in Franklin Gothic URW.

That’s it for this week’s sites; study hard, and let us know about sites you like in the comments!

Great type is nothing less than great visual design. In this week’s sites we like, we’d like to tip our hats to the immense and vibrant visual design community that inspires us on a regular basis.

Dallas Society for Visual Communications

In operation for over 50 years, the Dallas Society of Visual Communications strives to support the professional pursuits of its thriving local community of visual designers, developers, writers, and others involved in marketing communications. The society’s well-organized website has a magazine-like feel, employing snappy FF Meta and its popular companion FF Meta Serif.

Paul Rand website

Dedicated to the life works of graphic designer Paul Rand, this namesake website is a delight to peruse. Abril takes center stage here, with Abril Display, Abril Fatface, and Abril Text used throughout for bold, dynamic headlines and intricate body text. Franklin Gothic URW lowers the volume a bit in navigation.

Lev Berry website

Graphic designer Lev Berry’s portfolio site is a little dizzying, but a lot of fun. We were especially enamored with some of his downloadable display fonts styled after old signage. Text on the site is set in Rooney, with Proxima Nova used in headers throughout.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share sites you like in the comments!

We’re getting down to serious business this week, with one site building giant robots to track down mutants, and another keeping all that technological research well-documented with good technical writing. Proxima Nova, used in both, never fails to impress us.

Trask Industries homepage

The Trask Industries website is a clever tie-in for the upcoming X-Men movie, treating the robotic “Sentinel” program with a smooth, glossy approach that neatly mimics modern PR campaigns. Headings are in Futura PT, with text in Proxima Nova. (And, yeah, we might be a little excited about this movie.)

Tech Writing Handbook

Good technical documentation is critical for managing your robot Sentinel (or, perhaps more likely, your FitBit). Intelligently written and easy to navigate, the Tech Writing Handbook is a great resource for the basic principles of good technical writing. The text is set in Proxima Nova and Proxima Nova Soft.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share sites you like in the comments!

How are you keeping cool this summer? In this week’s sites we like, we’ve got a few solid suggestions for enjoying the season—whether you’d prefer to jump in the water, or stay on land with a cool treat.

Swimming the Aare website

In Bern, Switzerland, a summertime tradition is to go for a swim in the Aare river—provided the water isn’t too cold! Aareschwumm, which translates to “Swimming in the Aare,” is a German-language site providing the swimmers of Bern with a quick reference to all manner of weather data in and around the river. The eye-catching header text is in FF Prater Script, with explanatory copy in Le Havre and the data values themselves in League Gothic.

Steve's Ice Cream website

It just doesn’t feel like summer without a taste of ice cream, and Steve’s Ice Cream offers 40 years of experience with this time-honored tradition. The shop’s lovely website profiles their amazing flavor options and shares the company’s history—and also makes excellent use of Alternate Gothic No. 1 D, 2D, and 3D in their header copy, with FF Meta Serif as a friendly counterpart in body sections.

Safari Surf School website

Safari Surf School offers visitors to Costa Rica an adventure out on the waves through their surf vacation packages. Their website makes a powerful visual argument with great photography, and text in Source Sans keeps the copy feeling organized and effortless to read—giving you more time to consider that enticing beach vista.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!