In the deep weeks of winter, it’s helpful to think of cheerful things—like the fact that the days are already getting longer, and that you only really need one perfect typeface to make your website feel balanced. To round out this chilly week, we’re looking at a few bright, sunny sites that recently caught our attention.

Sam Willis website

Bold color blocks are a simple, effective backdrop to designer Sam Willis’s portfolio site, and subtle Ratio performs beautifully in this setting. Multiple weights of the single typeface give a clean, cohesive feel to the page, while unobtrusive animations keep the navigation fun.

Stuff and Nonsense

We’ve been fans of previous iterations of the Stuff & Nonsense website, and with their fresh redesign featuring lovely Jubilat, we’re smitten all over again. “Fashionably flexible” appears with good reason in the page title: fans of responsive design will be rewarded with a very well-done scaling header image—and the text scales nicely, too!

Fubeca Labs

One big color, a short and playful description, and a link to get in touch by email: Fubeca Labs makes minimalism look pretty smart on their single-page, no-scroll website. Tisa shines here as the leading body text, giving just enough heft to the brief description, with Nimbus Sans in an understated pairing.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

We’re back with the new year, and delighted to round up a new batch of sites that recently caught our interest—this week, with some special attention to a few sites that give us a glimpse into other people’s lives, stories, and thoughts, and a bit of our own cultural mythology.

Indigy screenshot

Indigy presents a lovely space for a powerful purpose: to share stories from cultures around the globe at risk of being forgotten. Freight Sans and FF Tisa are alternated for both body and header text here, and make for a thoughtful pairing that performs well for the longer blocks of text throughout the site while keeping navigation tidy.

Medium screenshot

It’s already evident to us how dearly the folks at Medium care about type on their site, and we love the recent redesign. The calligraphic shapes of Freight Text immediately pull us in, a great choice for long-form reading, with navigation and other elements in clear JAF Bernino Sans to make the whole experience feel completely effortless.

American Imagery Bank screenshot

Keep an eye on the American Imagery Bank for updates to their fascinating catalog of the iconic images that define the American identity, rendered beautifully in woodcuts. We love the type choices here, too, with the banner in Refrigerator Deluxe, headers in classic Futura, and body text in nostalgic SchoolBook.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sites We Love from 2013

December 20, 2013

This year, we’ve featured over 100 sites here on this blog, all using Typekit in creative and beautiful ways. It’s a delight to see the great designs that good typography enables. We hope our little showcase here has inspired you in your own work, too.

To finish up the year, here’s a selection of some sites we especially loved from our weekly roundups.

Two Please website

Two Please shows off tempting recipes with luscious photos and some great type: FF Nexus Serif and Sans, both ported over on a license from FontFont, and Brandon Grotesque in the header navigation. (From November 15.)

Jack Cheng screenshot

The website of writer Jack Cheng showcases Chaparral in the body text and Anivers SC in headings. (From February 22.)

Space toads gameplay screenshot

The arcade-inspired Space Toads game uses Typekit fonts throughout the site and in gameplay: Xenara for most of the text on the website, wildcard BD Geminis, and look closely for Mostra Nuova and Peachy Keen. (From September 27.)

Letterboxd website

Made for film buffs, Letterboxd uses Abril Text for most of the copy, with Proxima Nova and Freight Sans for navigational text and tags. (From September 13.)

Trask Industries homepage

A teaser for the upcoming X-Men movie, the Trask Industries website displays headings in Futura PT, with text in Proxima Nova. (From August 16.)

Hiut Denim website

Hiut Denim continues a legacy of denim work that’s lasted for three decades—and their website demonstrates a careful, understated personality, with Calluna in the headings and Nimbus Sans a sans-serif counterpart for body text. (From June 27.)

Screenshot from Daft Punk feature in Pitchfork

Fantastic and loud scrolling visuals reinforce the edgy energy of FF Spinoza and Colfax in Pitchfork’s feature story on Daft Punk. (From June 7.)


The impressive interviews on feature insightful questions and solid type choices, with body text in Proxima Nova and interview questions offset in Quatro Slab. (From April 5.)

BKLYNR screenshot

BKLYNR showcases Quatro in a big, bold title format, with body text set in Proxima Nova. (From March 22.)

Little Goat Chicago

Little Goat Diner’s charming illustrated and animated splash screens are a clever prelude to their numerous and extensive menus, set in Brandon Grotesque. (From January 11.)

If you’ve seen Typekit on a site you like, please share in the comments. We’ll be back with more in 2014; have a happy New Year!

In this week’s sites we like, we’re going to Vassar College! We’re not ready to declare our major just yet, so let’s see what’s going on in a few different departments.

Vassar Biochemistry department homepage

Biochemistry starts out innocuously enough—with just six organic elements involved, how complicated can it really be? Well, take a look at how just one typeface, Freight Sans, is used on this website, looking cohesive but with enough variety in size and weight to establish clear hierarchy and meaning. You don’t need a truckload of elements to make something live and breathe—but you do need to know what you’re doing to make it work smoothly, as it does here.

Vassar Urban Studies department homepage

Pragmatica looks lovely up in the bold header on Vassar’s Urban Studies homepage, with lighter weights used in the clean sidebar navigation. In body text, the thicker texture of Freight Text gives a satisfying gravity to class descriptions and department information. These typefaces each carry their own distinctive voices, but on the page together they don’t crowd one another out.

Vassar Hispanic Studies department homepage

We love the look of Chaparral just about anywhere, and it suits the Hispanic Studies homepage perfectly, giving a literary flavor to the artfully composed page. Freight Sans balances this nicely in the header text and navigation, with a muted color palette working subtly to guide your clicks.

And if you’re interested in how the school serves similar content to different sites with unique designs, read more on the Vassar Web Design blog.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

It’s playtime in this week’s sites we like, with games and activities for the kids we know (and our own inner children).

Schachschule screenshot

Kids who love puzzles and games might be attracted to chess early on, and with some help from the Chess School (Schachschule), kids near Zurich, Switzerland can begin to learn real strategy behind the game. The school’s website is fun to peruse, featuring crisp Omnes for the body text, Myriad and Proxima Nova Soft in headers and navigation, and Kremlin for a handwritten twist on sidebar headings.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh screenshot

From a playground made of packing tape to the original set from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, the exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh are sure to set your imagination alight. Headings and navigation on the neatly organized site are set in Futura, which feels almost playful in this context.

Grumpy Lobster screenshot

Look no further than your iPad for a new kids’ book: Grumpy Lobster offers quick iPad downloads for a series of books by author and illustrator Jake Croft. Museo Sans Rounded is a clear, friendly choice for the website copy.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sometimes you just want to really work your hands into something—whether it’s something you can eat at the end of the process, wear proudly, or curl up under. This week’s sites we like highlight a few of those handmade creature comforts: warm food, good shoes, and a cozy quilt.

Two Please website

From husband-and-wife team Brian Hoff and Kathleen Watkins, Two Please shows off tempting recipes with luscious photos and some great type. FF Nexus Serif and Sans, both ported over on a license from FontFont, balance each other nicely between cheerful sans headings and the delicately seriffed body text, and Brandon Grotesque looks fantastic in the header navigation.

Nick's Custom Boots website

In operation out of Toronto for the past forty years, Nick’s Custom Boots wastes no time getting to the point: if you’re looking for quality custom-made boots, you’re in the right place. You can also see two of our quality fonts on display on their store website: Bree, somewhat unusually placed as the body text font here, invokes the warm rounded elements of handwriting, while JAF Bernino Sans Condensed keeps the headings and navigation clicking along neatly.

Simply Brown website

If you’re ready to dive into your own crafty project, Eileen Brown offers us Simply Brown, whose no-nonsense quilting kits and straightforward directions will turn you into a quilter in no time. Type on the site is likewise clear and easy to read, with body text in JAF Bernina Sans and headings in Kepler Std Semicondensed. Read more about the type choices at Fonts In Use.

Well, if you didn’t have plans for this weekend already, that should get you started. That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

In this week’s sites we like, we’re taking a quick tour through the beautiful, inspiring country of Japan—with, as always, a few side notes about type.

19 Days in Japan website

19 Days in Japan showcases the stunning photographs from a Portuguese couple’s trip to Japan; get ready to feel inspired to take up photography again, or to visit Japan, or most likely both. Image-heavy pages like this one often do well to steer towards an unobtrusive typeface for the text, and FF Dagny does a superb job of this here.

Maru website

Maru is, in fact, based out of Oslo, but is nonetheless all about Japanese design. The shop aims to represent “the highest standard of Japanese quality and design” in its offerings, and everything they sell is designed and made in Japan. The site uses FF DIN Round for the copy, reflecting many of the same subtle, soft edges in its products. (If you were hoping this would be about Maru the cat, we’re sorry to disappoint. Here’s the other Maru.)

Japan Architecture and Design website

Japan Architecture + Urbanism is an English-language magazine produced in Japan, which “offers an insider’s look at the very latest Japanese architecture,” and explores other cutting-edge architecture worldwide. The site features Proxima Nova in a few different weights, giving a pleasant lightness to the body text while keeping the headings firm.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

In this week’s sites we like, we’re getting into the spirit of autumn—the season of transitions, gatherings, and pie. What’s not to love?

We Don't Need Daylight Savings Time website

We Don’t Need Daylight Savings Time draws you in with a mesmerizing spinning globe animation and clean Proxima Nova text, neatly laying out the rationale behind doing away with the biannual time shift. In the meantime, those of us in the US are reminded to change our clocks back an hour this weekend.

Nearly Impossible website

Autumn being a traditional time of gatherings, we couldn’t resist noting the Nearly Impossible conference, which is happening next week in New York and aims to bring together “people who make and sell physical products.” Body text is set in lighthearted PT Sans, and we also enjoyed seeing Latinotype’s Trend Sans in the headers.

Mission Pie website

So, now we’ve got an extra hour and some new friends; let’s make the most of this situation and get some pie. (Perhaps the official baked good of autumn.) Mission Pie serves up delicious options, both savory and sweet—and uses Crete Rounded on their site to boot.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

We’ve worked up a bit of an appetite looking through this week’s sites we like, which rounds up a few menus we’ve noticed recently—showing both delicious-sounding dishes and (of course) tasteful use of type.

Electric Diner website

The Electric Diner menu boasts “unfussy combinations of the best ingredients” in their London restaurant, and we might use the same phrase to describe the pairing of typefaces they selected for their website. Proxima Nova is a dependable choice for clear body text, and we love the bold, precise look of Prenton Ultra Condensed in the headers.

Fuel Cafe website

Futura gets center stage on the Fuel Cafe website, its geometric shapes working in good visual harmony with the clean design and navigation. Brandon Grotesque adds a touch of warmth to the menu descriptions—not that it takes much to make a “cheddar scallion biscuit with homemade sausage gravy” sound pretty appealing to us. (We’ll take 30, please.)

Vermont Salumi website

Not full yet? Let’s head over to Vermont Salumi, purveyors of fine cured meats with an evident flair for type. They use Chunk for an old-fashioned woodcut aesthetic in their standout headings, and News Gothic for no-nonsense navigation—and see if you can detect the tiny traces of Bello and Aviano Sans in there, too.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share sites you like in the comments!

Design studio websites are reliably interesting for us, since they frequently want to pack a lot of character into the space while maintaining a wholly-functional work portfolio. It’s easy to mix up signal and noise with those priorities at stake, but here are a few studio sites that get it right.

Fuzzco website

With an energetic crew based in Charleston, South Carolina, the Fuzzco studio website shows a lot of personality—not to mention a lot of great type. Proxima Nova and Adobe Text are used for most of the body text and headings, but Droid Serif and Hydrophila Iced both make appearances as well. It’s a lot of fonts, but all are used with just the right amount of restraint.

Cultivated Wit website

Cultivated Wit is the studio of three former employees of The Onion, who have harnessed their penchant for humor and unleashed it upon all manner of web projects. Their selected web fonts are attractive and lean towards the conventional, which is all the better for tongue-in-cheek statements. Alternate Gothic No. 2 D appears in many headings, with Brandon Grotesque on broad display as well. FF Tisa appears on the blog and in other longer blurbs throughout the site.

I Shot Him website

I Shot Him is a design studio based in one of San Francisco’s sunnier microclimates. The type on their website does a great job of sturdily accompanying the stunning graphics, with Jubilat for most of the heading text and Gesta in place as a friendly, distinctive sans-serif body font. You’ll also see a few samples of lovely Signalist from Mika Melvas.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!